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The popular vote drives the electoral college's vote. In the US, 270 electoral votes are required for a presidential win. See link:


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The president selects the judges in the Sumpreme Court.

The electoral college.

The US President, who is head of the Executive branch, nominates (selects) US Supreme Court justices. They must then be approved by a simple majority (51%) of the Senate (Legislative branch). If the Senate votes in favor of the nominee, then the President makes the appointment.

The president selects the nominees for his cabinet, including the secretary of defense.

No, the president selects the vice president. The vice president has to be on the same party as the president natural born citizen, resident of the U.S. for 14 years and 35 years old.

The US Senate selects the vice-president if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral vote.

Electoral votes in the U.S. Electoral College determine the President of the United States.

No, in the United States system the president selects his vice president. The Vice President is not determined seperately by vote.

The general officer chooses if no president is the winner of the election.

The Peoples Communist Party

The electoral college selects the president and the vice president, lucky them. :)

If the presidential election ends in a tie then the House of Representatives will vote to elect a new President. The terms of this are found in the 20th Amendment of the US Constitution.

They are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

The president is the one who selects the members of their cabinet. Upon selection they must be approved by Congress before they can take their new positions.

The Senate selects the vice-president if the presidential election is decided by the House. (I trust they would select the running mate of the new president, but who knows what they might do-- this has never happened.)

The US President selects a replacement and sends the name to the Senate. The Senate holds hearings and approves or rejects the nominee.The Court is not involved in the process.usually its the judge

The US had military advisers in Vietnam under Kennedy, but the was did not really start for the US Johnson became President.

It iS selected by president and confirm by senate

They are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate

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