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Q: Who refused to sign The US Constitution explain?
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Who refused to sign the US Constitution cause he said he smelled a rat?

Patrick Henry. However, I do not know who he thought the rat was.

When the US Constitution was complete three delegates refused to sign it because it did not have?

Bill of Rights, so they added the Bill of Rights.

Who refused to signed The US Constitution?

george mason

What year was the US Constitution sign?

The US Constitution was signed in 1787

When did Alexander Hamilton sign the US Constitution?

When he signed the US Constitution

When did Alexander Hamilton sign the constitution?

When he signed the US Constitution

Who was the last person to sign the US Constitution?

The last person to sign the Constitution is Abraham Baldwin.

Did george sign the US Constitution?

Yes, George Washington was the first to sign the U.S Constitution!

When did James madision sign The US Constitution?

1789 when james madison sign the constitution so in 1789

Did any Presidents sign the US Constitution?

yes infact there was some of our presidents who signed the us constitution.

What is the name for the portion of the US Constitution that explain the purposes of the US government?

The Preamble

Who didnot sign the US Constitution?

John Hancock