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No, back then they were still considered slaves.

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No, Blacks at the time were slaves; Blacks did not write the US Constitution.

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Q: Did a black man sign the constitution?
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How is a black man free under the Constitution?

because they passed the law

Did George Read sign the constitution?

He didn't sign the Constitution.

Did Luther Martin sign the constitution?

No, Luther Martin did not sign the Constitution.

What state was the fifth to sign the constitution?

Virginia Was The Fifth State To Sign The Constitution.

How do you do a ABC book on the constitution the letter Q?

Quock Walker was the first black man to ever sue a white man in America, and it started the issue over banning slavery and influenced the constitution.

Did John Hancock sign the United States Constitution?

No, William Houstoun did not sign the constitution.

Was a black man less than a third of white men ever put in Constitution?

No, the US constitution states that all men are created equal.

Who was the last person to sign the US Constitution?

The last person to sign the Constitution is Abraham Baldwin.

Did george sign the US Constitution?

Yes, George Washington was the first to sign the U.S Constitution!

When did James madision sign The US Constitution?

1789 when james madison sign the constitution so in 1789

Did gouverneur Morris sign the constitution?

Yes, Gouverneur Morris did sign the constitution.

How did slavery shape the structure of our government under the constitution?

it stated that a black man was counted as 2/3 of a person