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Most work in occupations such as factory work, was done by men. When they left to go fight the war, there was a large increase in women who went to work in these factories. This helped lead to an increase in women workers, and a shift in the social status of women after the war.

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Most of the men were fighting the war, so they had to be replaced by women workers

Very scary many men were left dramatized

Some children got jobs and replaced the men who were off at war

When World War 2 began and the men went to war, the women in the United States replaced the men in terms of jobs. They were used primarily in military production factories such as tank and airplane facilities.

As the men left jobs to fight for our country, they were replaced by women. Women filled many jobs brought into existence by wartime needs.

with all the men going to fight in the war factories and other jobs were left open for women and minorities to step in and fill there spots, but the men that were there and vame back felt replaced and out of some work so they discriminated against the race that "replaced" them does this help any?

The Women stayed home and worked in the factories when the men left. This helped to incrase their statous when the men returned from war

Women replaced men in essential wartime industries.

Men left to go to war and the woman stay to do the mens job

Because we almost lost but we won because we had 55 men left

In World War I, as men left their jobs to fight overseas, women had know chose but to replace them.

They replaced men in the workplace while the men of America were overseas fighting the nazis. Women stayed at home before the war. They realized they could contribute to America by working outside the home and that they were as capable as men.

Yes, many men fought in the world war 1. There were soldiers as well as ordinary men.

there were 2.4 Million men drafted in world war 1

2343 Scotish Men Were In World War 2

During World War 2, a lot of professional athletes were surrounded by men and grew a liking to them. Some of the men that were straight didn't like the "gays" to be around them. So a lot of the men left the athletic career.

They were the supporters when the men left, they sent care packages over, and they took over the workforce while the men were gone

Because most of the men were at the front. The jobs they left were filled by women.

The filled the jobs men left to serve in the military

Many of them lost their jobs when the war ended, because many men returned to the jobs which they had left behind.

Although they were not considered socially-acceptable jobs for women, an exception was made for wartime hires. The able-bodied men were off fighting in the war, and the women were the ones left who could fill the jobs.

the men had to kill people during the war.

over a million men were killed in world war two

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