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Q: Who represent their country abroad?
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What do you call someone who represent their country?

An Ambassador is a senior diplomat who represents her or her country abroad.

Is it important for the us to have a positive image overseas?

I believe we are all ambassadors for our country when we are abroad. It is our job as citizens to represent our country when we are abroad. remember what the great JFK said. " Do not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

What is Ireland's ambassador?

An ambassador is a senior civil servant that is sent abroad to represent his or her country overseas.

What is a representation abroad?

A representation abroad refers to a diplomatic office, such as an embassy or consulate, established by one country in another country to represent its interests and provide services to its citizens. These offices facilitate communication, collaboration, and representation between countries on political, economic, and cultural matters.

Who represents his country abroad?

Ambassadors, diplomats, and consuls represent their country abroad. Ambassadors are the highest-ranking diplomats in an embassy and serve as the official representative of their country to another sovereign state. Diplomats are government officials who engage in negotiations and promote relations between countries. Consuls handle a variety of citizen services and commercial activities for their country in a foreign location.

To be outside of ones own country?

abroad is the word for to be outside one's own country

Is France a abroad country?

That's abroad if you're living in another country. That's home for the French.

What country in the world sends the most letters abroad?

What country in the world sends the most letters abroad

Is Ireland classed as being abroad?

Ireland is abroad if you aren't from Ireland. Abroad only means outside of your own country.

What is the definition of abroad?

In a foreign country

What is abroad?

it means that you are living in Another Country, eg: If you live in the USA and you decide to live in Holland, this means you will be living abroad. the same goes for people living in Holland and they want to live in England, they are going abroad.

Why did rizal study abroad?

Jose Rizal studied abroad because the educational system abroad was far more better than that of his own country, the Philippines. Abroad, he will have more chances of learning and adapting better education so that when he comes back in his own country, the knowledge he gained can be used to help his country men.