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Who represents citizens of the house?

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the house of Representatives

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Who represents the citizens in senate?


What The Statue of Liberty represents to American citizens?

The statue of liberty represents freedom.

Who represents you in your state senate upper house in Florida?

who represents me in texas upper house

How does the Chinese government represents its citizens?

The Chinese government is communist and could care less about its citizens.

Who represents people views in US government?


Who represents citizens of their district?


What is constituency?

The constituency is the people that a Congressperson represents. Senators' have state-wide constituency and members of the House serve their districts. The constituency Is also the citizens that vote for the Representatives.

Who represents NY in the state senate upper house?

who represents ny states upper house

Israel represents its citizens with a democratic government Which of these government positions do Israeli citizens vote for?

Members of the knesset.

Who represents the citizens in the senate?

2 Senators from each state.

What is the role of the government according to a democrat?

the government represents the citizens in international affairs and also execute laws to the citizens.

When each member of the house represents is a?

Each member of the House of Representatives represents their respective congressional district from which they originate .

What is a certificate that represents money the government has borrowed from private citizens?

A Bond.

How is the US a government of the people by the people for the people?

US citizens VOTE for the government official who then REPRESENTS the citizens while in office.

Who represents you in the House?

Rick larsen

Who are the people who are represented by congressmen?

A congressperson represents the citizens who live in the congressperson's district.

Which of these describes how the Chinese government represents its citizens?

The Congress is meant to represent the people.

What does the us House of Representatives do?

The House of representatives represents The United States

Why was Congress split into House of Representatives and the Senate?

The original concept was, the House represents the people (AKA the people's house) in the federal government. The Senate represents the states in federal government.

Why did they build the White House?

they built the white house because it represents the presidents...

Which branch does the White House represent?

The white house represents the legislative branch!

Two words for the part of a state a House member represents?

Two words for the part of a state that a House member represents is a number and the word district. For example, Eric Cantor represents the 7th district of Virginia.

Who elects the house members?

The citizens of the state

Are American citizens allowed in the White House?

Yes. They have tours of the White House.

What part of the government is closest to the citizens?

The house of representatives was most closely linked to the citizens originally