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Q: Who rule brought great progress including the end of slavery?
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How did slavery impact the West Indies?

Slavery made the plantation owners rich. Africans were a great source of cheap labor. However they were treated horribly.

To what extent did the Enlightenment express optimistic ideas in 18th Century Europe?

The enlightenment brought growth in education and many achievements. Progress was inevitable. You can see with the works of philosophers like Galileo and Newton and Kepler and many more that experiementation was often used and research/education was highly encouraged. Questions that people thought were unanswerable were now being answered. It was very optimistic, because obviously education and progress is great!:) P.S. I'm sorry the way I organized this answer was pretty messy, hope I helped a little!

How do you think abolisshing slavery would have affected Roman society?

Abolishing slavery would have affected the households of the rich and mining. Rich households had many slaves who did domestic and other jobs for them. Miners were slaves because this job was considered a death sentence. It would not have had a significant effect on agricultural production (the mainstay of the economy). Slaves in antiquity were enslaved war captives. When Rome fought wars of expansion she captured and enslaved many captives. Most of them were bought by the owners of large landed estates to work in their field. However: a) they also employed local seasonal agricultural labourers, b) most of the slaves went to Italy and many areas of the Roman Empire did not have slaves, including Egypt, which was the breadbasket of the empire. When Rome's imperial expansion stopped, the supply of slaves dwindled as there were no longer war captives. The large landlords came to rely more on local peasants who were hired as labourers or were tenants who paid a rent for their plots of land.

How did slavery weaken the roman republic?

Slavery never weakened the Roman republic or any other form of government. Do not be misled into thinking that ancient slavery was the same as modern slavery. Every society in the ancient world had a system of slavery which was vital to their culture. The ancients considered slavery a social class or more correctly, a social underclass. The physical strength, mental abilities and expertise in the sciences, such as medicine and architecture helped built the great empires and civilizations. The Romans appreciated the abilities of their slaves and for the most part treated them well with every slave having the opportunity to either buy or be granted freedom if they chose. It is a mistake to judge ancient slavery by our present day standards or to impose our present day mores on the ancients.

Who brought Feudalism to Great Britain?

It's conventionally agreed that Duke William of Normandy, William 'The Conqueror' instituted classic feudalism in England.