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Norway was occupied by Germany during WW2 and run by the Quisling government.

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Who ruled Italy during World War 2?

Benito Mussolini ruled Italy during world war 2

What did Norway do in World War 2?


Is Norway a occupied state in the war?

It was in World War 2.

Who ruled Romania in World War 2?

For most of World War 2 Romania was ruled by the Fascist dictator and Jew-baiter Antonescu.

How many countries ruled Berlin after word war 2?

No countries ruled Berlin after world war 2

Who ruled Japan before World War 2?

The Emperor ruled Japan.

How did world war 2 affect Norway?

They have no butter.

Who liberated Norway in World War 2?

The UK.

On which side did norway fight during world war 2?

Norway was occupied by German troops early in the war.

Was Norway a member of the axis allience or the allies allience?

During World War 1, Norway was a neautral country. During World War 2, Norway was a part of the Allies.

Who ruled the Vietnam territory from 1887 to the beginning of World War 2 and after World War 2?


Did Germany occupy Norway in World War 2?

Yes. But not all of it wasnt.Yes Norway was occupied by Germany in World War 2. Trust me this is real, I had to do a report on Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Germany.

Why was Norway at war in World War 2?

Because Germany invaded(not kidding).

Did Germany defeat Norway in world war 2?


What was Norway like before World War 2?


Was Norway occupied by gemany world war 2?


Was Norway occupied by by Germany in world war 2?


Has Norway been in any wars?

Norway was invaded April 9th 1940 (in World War 2) by Nazi Germany. Neutral in first world war.

Who ruled Croatia in World War 2?

I think Croatia was still ruled over by Austria-Hungary but they may have been independent after World War I :)

Who ruled Poland during World War 2?


Who ruled Vietnam during World War 2?


Who ruled Singapore before world war 2?

The British

Who ruled the Nazis in world war 2?

Adolph Hitler

When did the countries of denmark and Norway surrender in world war 2?

Norway surrendered on June 10th, 1940.

Did Norway fight in World War 2?

Norway was attacked by Germany in 1940 and was then occupied by German troops.

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