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Q: Who said...You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance?
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Who said If you have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance?

Ray Bradbury

What actor or actress said you have to learn to accept rejection and reject acceptance?

Ray Bradbury

Difference between acceptance and rejection region?

Some researchers say that a hypothesis test can have one of two outcomes: you accept the null hypothesis or you reject the null hypothesis. Many statisticians, however, take issue with the notion of "accepting the null hypothesis." Instead, they say: you reject the null hypothesis or you fail to reject the null hypothesis. Why the distinction between "acceptance" and "failure to reject?" Acceptance implies that the null hypothesis is true. Failure to reject implies that the data are not sufficiently persuasive for us to prefer the alternative hypothesis over the null hypothesis.

What is the noun for reject?


To reject a organ is called?

Organ Rejection.

What does not accept mean?


Can a committee reject a bill?

Yes, they can either accept or reject.

Which suffix can be added to reject to change it from a verb to a noun?

To form the noun from the verb to reject, add -ion: rejection.

What is chronic heart rejection?

When the body's cells reject the transplanted heart,

What happens if a business is given a counterfeit do banks accept it or reject it?


How do you accept or reject a hypothesis?


How do you use the word reject in a sentence?

(Reject means to cast away, or to spurn. As a noun it means something rejected.)"Susan decided to reject John's advances because she didn't like him.""I reject the idea that I cannot do what everyone else can do.""She is naturally terrified that her body will reject the new liver.""Everyone on Earth knows what it's like to have someone, someone they're completely infatuated with, reject them."(noun)"She is a five-time American Idol reject who has recently been fired from her job at McDonald's."This coat is a reject from an expensive, designer boutique that I picked up at an outlet store for twenty bucks.

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