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Q: Who said To take from the rich and give to the poor in the 30's?
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What is ri poorch in a brain teaser?


What does CH POORRI represent?

Take from the rich and give to the poor

Answer to ri poorch?

take from the rich and give to the poor. your taking from the rich and giving to the poor. like robin hood.

Hidden meaning inRI POORCH?

Take from the rich, give to the poor

What is the impact of agrarian reformers on the poor farmers?

Known as Pro-Poor Growth, agrarian reformers take land from the rich and give it to the poor to farm.

What statement best describes the political beliefs of Huey Long?

He wanted to take money from the rich and give it to the poor.

Why are there refugees in the world?

Because of corrupted government's, they take from their people and take what they want and give them leftovers of what they do not want. The government steals from the poor. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

Why do Republicans defend the Rich and attack the poor?

There are many answers. 1. The rich can take reaction, the poor are helpless. 2. The rich can pay you, but the poor don't have money. 3. Most of the rich are well known so a big issue could take place if you tried to attack them. 4. The rich have guards, the poor don't. 5. The rich have weapons, the poor don't.

Who was Joseph Stalin's followers?

the general followers of Stalin were th lower-classmen. the poor loved Stalin because he promised food and thigns to them because Stalin was going to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Why do poor countries earn less money from trade than richer countries?

Because the rich people / countries want the poor people / countries to stay poor so they are rich. The poor not having many jobs and obviously money will take the amount they can get for the job. So the Rich companies give little money for the trade because there are so many unemployed thus the littlest of money being better than nothing.

What did Robin Hood do to help the poor people?

At the time there was little balance between different classes. The lower and working classes were poor and often starving whilst the upper, aristocratic classes were able to implement taxes to take money from the poor. Basically Robin Hood wanted to take money from those who had no need for it and give it to those in dire need. Although the moral of the story is not viable in modern welfare states and should not be applied.

What can you do about flabby skin caused by smoking?

Take it off and then sell it for a billion dollars. Then if you have more give it to the poor and let them get rich. This is how Bill Gates got rich. He didn't invent microsoft, Aaron Dosanjh and Gurasish Singh did. We are rich, we felt bad for Bill Gates.