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George Bernard Shaw originally made this quote. Many times, it has since been quoted without the rest of it, which, in its entirety, says: "Life wasn't meant to be easy, my child, but take courage: it can be delightful!" Australian Prime Minister Malcom Fraser (1975-1983) is often remembered as quoting it out of context.

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What does Gloria Estefan mean when she said her fathers mind went before his body?

she probably meant that he went a little senile, or craszy and wasnt fully there, even when he was alive

What did president roosevelt mean when he said an abundant life?

President Roosevelt meant living life in its fullness when he said an abundant life. This was in his efforts to encourage people to participate in the recovery from the Great Depression.

Said what he meant and meant what he said?

Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. No, actually Horton in Horton Hatches an Egg. "I meant what I said and I said what I meant; an elephant's faithful one hundred per cent."

Who said you meant what you said and you said what you meant An elephant's loyal one hundred percent?

Horton says: "I meant what I said and I said what I meant... an elephant's faithful-one hundred percent" in the Dr. Suess classic Horton Hatches the Egg.

What does Atticus say about the KKK?

he said he hated it and calpurnia wasnt like them

How did Americans feel about Jay's Treaty?

They did not Love it....... They Hated what they said in the treaty. Jay wasnt right for WHATEVER he said.

Did Chris Brown propose to Rihanna?

Yes but rihanna said she wasnt ready

Why did Avril lavigne get a divorce?

shes said that she was too young and wasnt ready

What did it mean when Francis Bacon said Knowledge itself is power?

Francis meant that knowledge isn't easy to get. He was recognizing and appreciating how knowledge is very powerful.

What was Einstein's first question?

it wasnt a question. it was a statement. he said "i ask the simple questions"

How old is Avril lavign's baby?

She doesnt have a baby they said it was a prank she wasnt pregnant.

Do you have the right to miss a person even if he said he wanted so much space that you should not bother him?

Yes, you have a right to miss him because those are your feelings and you have every right to them. The hurt will eventually subside and you can move on in your life. If this person is meant to be in your life they will be and if they do not come back into your life then they were never meant to be.

Which best explains what Thoreau meant when he said he wanted to live deliberately?

He wanted to experience each moment of his life as fully as possible.

What lesson did the soldiers learn after they went to Vietnam?

You meant after they returned home; they learned to appreciate life. Said best with the old adage, "Life has a flavor that the protected will never know."

What is meant to happen this years according to who?

the world is meant to end and scientist said it

What does Justin Bieber think of his fans?

he likes his fans, he said if it wasnt for his fans he wouldn't be who he was today :)

Did Greeks originate from Indians?

i think so my teacher said there wasnt but you put down what you think

What should you do if your ex said you meant nothing?

hes just no good Ignore him and move on. Life is too short to waste on mean people.

What is a contrast between what is said and what is meant?

What is said is a voluntary act and no accuracy , while what is meant is either voluntary or mandatory and relatively accurate in nature

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