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Peaches and Herb. I don't know Herb's last name offhand, I only know that there were a lot of different Peaches. Apparently he wasn't a very nice guy.

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What are the release dates for Reunited The Real World Las Vegas - 2007 Reunited and it Feels So Awkward 1-1?

Reunited The Real World Las Vegas - 2007 Reunited and it Feels So Awkward 1-1 was released on: USA: 30 May 2007

Who sang the song feels so good in the 50's or early 60's?

Shirley and Lee

How do you say it feels so good in German?

It feels so good translates as Das fühlt sich so gut an.

Why was the fall of communism in East Germany significant?

it was very important because people in germany were now free and the berlin wall could no longer trap people in eastern germany so that is why the fall of communism in eastern germany was so important because it reunited people and we have reports of people saying that they are reunited and it feels so good! that it was exactly what they were looking for. all through the days and all through the nights. because they were reunited and it felt so good they said that they even had a huge bonfire in front of the walls remains and they had a lot of sex! THE END - Bryant

Song with lyrics feels so good?

The song is Feels So Good by Sonique and it was on her CD Hear Me Cry (2000).

Does it feel good to get your penis sucked?

it feels so good

When was Feels So Good - Xscape song - created?

Feels So Good - Xscape song - was created on 1995-06-06.

When was Feels So Good - Atomic Kitten album - created?

Feels So Good - Atomic Kitten album - was created in 2001-09.

What feels if your penis is inside the vagina of a virgin?

It feels so warm and wet, like an oven, it feels sooo good!

Is phish reuniting?

Yes, and it feels so good.

Why do people get erections?

because it feels so good!

What are some examples of pathos in the Odyssey?

An example of pathos is that Odysseus and Penelope spend the entire story trying to reunite. The audience feels sad that they have to wait so long to be reunited.

Who sings the song feels so good?

nina simone

Why people do bad things?

Because it feels so good.

What happens if you put ice in your anus?

feels so good

What is steven tylers new single?

(It) Feels So Good

What is so good about dick that females cant get over?

They say it just feels so good (I don't know why)

What tv show theme song was feels so good by chuck mangione?

Lou Grant Theme Song , the last part sounds much like the beginning of feels so good

Can you cumm in a girls butt?

of course you can! it feels so good i do it at least twice a week. it feels so warm and gooey, i just cant get enough!

Why is white queso so expensive?

Because if feels so good when it hits your lips!

Do thongs feel good?

they feel so good because that one string goes right through your crack it feels so good

Why do girls dance on poles?

because it feels good and its so hot!

It feels so good translated into Spanish?

eso siente bien!

Why was silk so famous?

because it feels good against skin

How do you say it feels so good in french?

Ça sense bien

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