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The song, 'Kick, Push,' is by Lupe Fiasco. The song was part of Lupe Fiasco's debut album and was released in 2006. The song was nominated for the GRAMMY Awards.


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Oklahoma native and Grammy-nominated artist John Fullbright sang "When You're Here."

Poker Face was on Lady Gaga's debut album, entitled The Fame. The song won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording and was also nominated for Song of the Year.

Katy sang a new song based on her recent divorce with actor Russel Brand. She sang it for the first time at the Grammys. It is called "Part of Me".

Beyonce sang her own "If I Were A Boy" & "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morrissette at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

It was the Grammy Award-winning country trio Lady Antebellum.

"High Hopes" is a popular song first popularized by Frank Sinatra, with music written by Jimmy Van Heusen and lyrics by Sammy Cahn.[1] It was introduced in the 1959 film A Hole in the Head, nominated for a Grammy and won an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 32nd Academy Awards.[1]

You meant sang a song called smooth... Rob Thomas with Carlos Santana 1999. they won a grammy.

That singer is Sylvia and the song title is Nobody. It was on her Just Sylvia CD from 1982. The single was #1 on the billboard country singles chart 8/21/82 The song also went over on the the pop charts and adult contempary. She was nominated for a Grammy for the song that year but did not win it

Sarah Vaughan, Grammy award winner, sang the old jazz standard Key Largo. Bertie(Bert) Higgins sang another song also by the name of Key Largo, released in 1981, inspired by the 1948 film by the same name and bu the film Casablanca.

The movie, nominated for one Oscar, 9 to 5 was released in 1980. The title song was performed by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton. Shine appeared on her 2001 album Little Sparrow. This rendition won Parton a Grammy.

The national anthem was performed by Kelly Clarkson, the Grammy Award-winning recording artist and Season 1 "American Idol" winner.

Ann-Margret sang at the Academy Awards presentation in 1962, singing the Oscar-nominated song "Bachelor in Paradise".

Deadweight is a song that was performed by the popular band known as "Beck". Deadweight was originally released as a single and was nominated for best song from a movie in 1998.

Rufus was the name of the group in which Chaka Khan was the lead singer. They disbanded in 1983 after getting a Grammy for "Ain't Nobody", so they went out in style.

Claude lives in LA still composing and overseeing Mandrill's catalogue. He shared a Grammy nomination a couple years ago for a song he wrote that Brandy sang.

No Justin Bieber Did Not Play In The Film August Rush- The Boy Who Played The Main Lead Was Freddie Highmore and The Group The Sang Was Oscar and Grammy Nominateds Impact Repertory Theatre

The song Particle Man wa sung by the group They May Be Giants. They are also referred to as TMBG. They have released 16 studio albums and won two Grammy awards.

Petra Marklund is a singer and song-writer. She was born on September 12, 1984, in Stockholm, Sweden. She once sang under the stage name, September. She won a Grammy Award for her album, In Orbit.

"Sang" in English is Ho cantato ("I sang"), Hai cantato ("You sang"), Ha cantato ("He sang," "She sang"), Abbiamo cantato ("We sang"), Avete cantato("You all sang") and Hanno cantato ("They sang") in Italian.

The first hit recording that Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash sang together was their #1 tune called, "JACKSON." They won the Country Music Association Award for "Best Country Duo of the Year," and a Grammy for "Best Country Music Duo of the Year."

Miss Peggy Lee is probably best known for her 1968 hit 'Fever'. She won a Grammy award for 1969's 'Is That All There Is?'. She wrote songs and contributed singing and the speaking parts of four characters, for the Disney movie 'Lady and the Tramp'. She sang the theme tune to 1954's critically acclaimed western, 'Johnny Guitar'. She was nominated for an acting Oscar for her performance as an alcoholic blues singer in 1955's 'Pete Kelly's Blues.

Grammy Award-winning singer Christina Aguilera botched the lyrics "O'er the ramparts we watched." Instead, she incorrectly sang "What so proudly we watched."

It was Dolly Parton, who also wrote it for the 1980 movie in which she co-starred with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. The song was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Original song.

they were sang by slaves. they sang about love or life troubles

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