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The Four Esquires sang it in 1956, Johnny Ray in 1957, and the Monarchs in 1964.

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Who sang the sixties song Look Homeward Angel?

LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL (Words and Music by Wally Gold) The Four Esquires - 1956 Johnnie Ray - 1957 The Monarchs - 1964

Who sang the song your my angel your my darling angel?


What artists sang the song Angel?


Who sang You Are from the Angel Eyes soundtrack?

Tamara Walker sang the movie title song

Who sang a song titled angel?

Dave Matthews Band

What was the song that the angel choir sang when jesus was born?


What female artist sang the song angel?

Leona Lewis

Who sang the song Girl your my angel your my darling angel?

it was shaggy right i think so yh.

Who has sang i am your angel dance mix song?

"I am no angel"?? It's called Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon

Who sang background vocals on the song Undercover Angel?

Dolly Parton.

What is the name of the song that is in the commercial about pet abandonment?

This song is sang by lorrie Morgan and its called angel.

Song nobodys angel sang on the episode of boy meets world?

I can't help myself nobodys angel

Who sang the song blue angel?

Roy Orbison in 1960. It peaked at number 9.

Who sang the song johnny angel?

Shelley Fabares-it reached number 0ne in 1962.

In the reggae song call you angel in the morning circa 1989 who sang and who was the DJ?


What is the song Vanessa Huggens sang for the High School Musical audition?

angel by jessica Simpson

Who sings the song Millennium?

That would be Robbie Williams, who also sang Angel and Let Me Entertain You

Who sang song for the new lynx advert your angel girlfriend?

Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys.

Who sang the 1960s song Angel Baby?

The 1960s song "Angel Baby" is sung by Rosie Hamlin of the group "Rosie & The Originals". She recorded the some independently when she was only 15 years old.

Who sang the song 'Baby Look at Us?

Canadian pop vocalist Sarina Paris sang Baby Look at Us.

What was Philip Michael thomas song he sang?

Look into your heart

What group sang the song she's got the look?


Who wrote the song Homeward Bound?

The American folk song Homeward bound was written by Paul Simon and was performed by Simon and Garfunkel and it made it's debut in the charts in 1966.

Who sang The Last Country Song?

Sugarland... and others. Look on iTunes.

Who sang the song in the 2011 highlander commercial?

Do you mean the one with that annoying little kid where he is talking to his friend? It's Juice Newton (song is Angel of the Morning).