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Who scored in overtime of Game 7 in the Montreal Hartford series in 1992?

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Russ Courtnall scored the series clinching goal at 5:26 of the second overtime

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Who scored the quickest overtime goal in Stanley Cup Finals History?

Brian Skrudland of the Montreal Canadiens scored the quickest overtime goal in the history of the Stanley Cup Finals when he scored on a 2-on-1 breakaway just 9 seconds into overtime in Game 2 of the 1986 series to beat the Calgary Flames 3-2. An NHL record that still stands tall today.

Did the Montreal expos ever go to the World Series?

No. The Montreal Expos never went to a World Series.

When was last time the Montreal Expos won the World Series?

The Montreal Expos never appeared in a World Series.

Did bobby baun score with a broken ankle or leg?

Yes, he scored in overtime to force a seventh game in the series. They won the next game for the Stanley Cup. Baun played in the final game as well.

Has dhoni scored 183 before or after 148?

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Did the New York Yankees go into overtime in the 1927 World Series?

No, the Yankees won the 1927 World Series in 4 games and each game was won in 9 innings. There was no overtime.

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For an entire series, the New York Yankees scored 55 runs against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1960 Series. For a game, the Yankees scored 18 runs against the New York Giants in game 2 of the 1936 World Series, winning 18-4.

Who won the 2010 Nationwide Series race in Montreal?

On August 29, 2010, Boris Said won the Nationwide Series race at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What was the longest game in NHL Hockey history?

The longest game in NHL history was a Stanley Cup semifinal playoff game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons on March 24, 1936. Red Wings rookie RW Modere "Mud" Bruneteau scored the only goal of the game at the 16:30 mark of the sixth overtime period - 116:30 of total elapsed overtime. The Red Wings went on to win the next three games in the playoff series to advance to the finals, where they defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs, three games to one, to win the Stanley Cup.

What player scored the most runs in World Series history?

Reggie Jackson and Paul Molitor share the record for most runs scored in World Series history with 10.

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He has scored 4 in total, along with five fiftys. He scored two in the 2005 series (106 and 129), one in the 2009 series (161) and one in the 2010/2011 (110) despite that he has never won an ashes man of the match despite being man of the series in the 2009 ashes series.

Did the Montreal Expos ever win a world series?

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Mickey Mantle with 42 runs scored in 12 World Series.

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Who scored the winning goal for Canada in the 1972 Summit Series?

paul henderson