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Who sells 410 double barrel pistols?



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Yes. I just picked mine up yesterday. It is a Leinad .410/.45LC side by side derringer type pistol. Very inexpensive, perfect for home defense. Fits right in the palm of your hand practically. Barrels measure 3 3/4 inch, heavy little bugger, but still a decent looking gun for the effort. Made by Leinad Inc. in Ducktown, TN. Was a bit difficult to find. Big chain stores laughed at me when I asked for one. Small shop in hometown finally dug one up for me. A second opinion... Call them directly at 423-496-7060. They will take a Credit Card and ship to an FFL dealer of your choice. They answer the phone with "hello", so I think they are trying to keep a low profile! They will track individual orders, but if the weapon develops problems your only resort may be to mail it back (so keep the box as it has the address)! I have the side by side .410/45LC. It is a handful with either round so prepare for the recoil. The guard behind the trigger will be forced back (painfully) into your middle finger, but this is not uncommon among small powerful handguns (I had a snub .357 that broke my finger until I changed grips to one with a rubber pad that extended down behind the guard. The workmanship is sturdy, worthy of any Civil War firearm. The recoil did cause the right barrel release escution to drop off, but a firm hammer blow sweged the piece back on. I would not call this the perfect home defense weapon. It takes some time to manipulate the hammer to take the weapon out of safe, and if you choose double barrels, you must manipulate the barrel selector at the top of the hammer to fire the remaining round. The selector is very small and requires strong fingernails to rotate from Left to Right. Reloading is slow; you must safe the weapon by again manipulating the hammer to get the safety bar to slide to the left until the right edge of the safety bar is flush with the frame, allowing you to slide the barrel release bar back. There is no ejection system, so be prepared to ram something down the barrel or try to wedge a fingernail under the cartridge rim to extract the spent cartridge. If .410 is your choice for protection IN your home, find a used slide action shotgun, more rounds, easier safety, easier reload. The Taurus .410 revolver is also a good choice, but used ones are hard to find and new ones are expensive. Accuracy is suspect beyond 10 feet with any ammunition. I've used 3" and 2.5" .410 as well as .45LC. My patterns show a 7" to 1' drop from aim point at 10', so aim high until you establish your weapon's pattern. I suspect that with a short barrel/big charge ammo combination, the gas tends to force the round down as it leaves the barrel. On the other hand, this is a devastating weapon. I cannot think of a pocket weapon that can deliver this level of power from such a small package. As opposed to a .22 or .38 derringer, I believe that 3 inches of .410 with 5 double ought buckshots delivered twice makes for an ideal last ditch weapon. One shot is probably enough to save your life. As an aside, if the weapon is taken from you, run away. It will take an un-initiated felon a few days to figure out how to bring the weapon into battery!! Contact Info. (This changes rather frequently as the word is the ATF really doesn't like these guys, however besides make their lives difficult at best) COBRAY Model FMJ DD, FMJ DD11, FMJ DD5Revolver(pepper box) OWNED BY : Leinad Inc. P.O. Box 579 Ducktown, TN 37326 Main 1-800-642-1600 423-496-7060 Fax (426) 496-2111 Dick Lawfer ( Dealer sales) Mon. and Weds.