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The dollar store does in our town.. a set of 3 for $!

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Q: Who sells bamboo canes for spanking?
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What is bamboo shoots?

The bamboo shoots are fresh new canes that "shoot up" out of the ground. They are considered edible, nutritous and tasty.

When were bamboo canes invented?

Bamboo canes have been used for thousands of years by various cultures for construction, crafting, and agriculture. The exact date of their invention is not known, but historical evidence suggests that they have been utilized since ancient times in Asia.

What online store sells bamboo cutting boards?

Totally Bamboo at sells bamboo cutting boards. They have 10 different types, one of which is even dishwasher safe!

Who sells lexan spanking paddles?

You can find lexan paddles (aka Acrylic and Polyethylene Paddles) as well as wood paddles, canes, leather staps, and much more at: All are reasonably priced and well made. If you do manage to break a paddle, they will replace it for free.

How to make a simple Cheap Green House?

Sheets of thick polythene stretched over a framework of bamboo canes would work.

What kind food do pandas eat?

pandas basicly eat fruit,bamboo and vegetables.

What are the members of the grass family?

wheat, oat, bamboo, sugar canes, and hay are the only ones I know of. :) that's all i know hope that helps all of you!! . . '

What foods contain natural sugar?

sugar canes of course! same with bamboo shoots but in less amounts

Who in the US sells loganberry plants?

Trees of Antiquity have loganberry plants and are sold as a bundle of 5 canes for $20.00. Good Luck! Cherie Billings

Where can I find a bamboo knife box online?

If you do a google search for "bamboo knife box" it will produce results for several online retailers. One website is which sells a box for $25.00

What is a measured spanking?


What is Rattan and how is it related to bamboo?

'Rattan' is the most commonly used and abundantly available variety of the bamboo plant in India. Most Indian bamboo work articles made by artisans and manufacturers of bamboo products are created using the rattan variety of the plant. Exporters of bamboo products also get a lot of demand for rattan products and the market in India is expanding rapidly as well. is an interesting website that goes into the details of Indian bamboo work and also sells rattan bamboo products online.