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Who sells more Lil Wayne or young jeezy?

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Q: Who sells more Lil Wayne or young jeezy?
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Is young jeezy worth more than lil Wayne?


Who has more money rick ross or young jeezy?

Young jeezy

Who has more money young jeezy or gucci mane?


Who has more album sales rick ross or jeezy?

Young Jeezy Sells 233,000 Copies of 'TM103' in First WeekRick Ross Sells 215k in its first week. Of God Forgives, I Don't"So I Really Can't Pick You Do The Math , and see . but to me its kinda a tie

Is Lil Wayne worth more than birdman?

it is claimed on this website's other answers that lil Wayne is worth only 100mill but birdman is 350mill from cash money alone... it is frusterating because young jeezy(great rapper but not as famous) is worth i think 150mill lol something has to be wrong with lil waynes net value but until its fixed, no lil Wayne is not worth more than birdman or young jeezy.. :(

Is Lil Wayne worth more than young jeezy?

i don't know.........i just know that lil waynes raps are better than young jeezys (you don't have to agree with me its my OPINION) I LOVE YOU LIL WAYNE WEEZY F BABY

Who has the most money guccimane or young jeezy?

Young Jeezy is out more, makes more hits so definetly Young. Besides, Jeezy's the reason Gucci Mane is not out as much as him. TM 103 on the way!!

What sells more rap or rock?

Rock why havent you seen jeezy for 5 years

What is the net worth of Young Jeezy?

More then 15 million

Does rick ross have more money than young jeezy?


Who sells more albums jay z or Lil Wayne?

the answer is lil Wayne

What rappers and singers live in Atlanta Georgia?

Some rappers are Soulja boy, TI, Young Jeezy, Gucci man, and TONS more

Who is worth more money out of gucci mane and young jeezy?

Gucci Mane $12M vs. Young Jeezy $10M Gucci Mane Net Worth & Earnings: Delantic Davis aka Gucci Mane is an American rapper and entrepreneur who has a Net Worth of $12 million. The pioneer of hip hop subgenre trap music, along with T.I. Young Jeezy Net Worth: Young Jeezy is an American rapper who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

Who has sold more albums all together between 50 cent and young jeezy?

50 Cent

Who make more money lil Wayne or young jezzy?

Lil' wayne, obviuosly.

Is Lil Wayne richer than TI?

Yes because Lil Wayne sells more albums and does allot more than TI. remember tip was in and out of jail Lil Wayne is worth about 100,000,000

Does lil Wayne sell more albums than Justin bieber?

I suppose that lil Wayne sells more because he is far better and i think that jb is gay

Is young buck a blood?

yea young buck iz a blood g-unit iz bloodz 50 cent,tony yayo,redman,methman,eminem,dmx,ruff ryders,ja rule,ludacris,young jeezy,lil Wayne,birdman,the game dipset and alot more tht i cant remember but all them i jus named r bloodz oh and Jim Jones and young bloodz

What is Ryan Brauns 2008 season song?

It was a few... Superstar by Lupe Fiasco Go Getta by Young Jeezy. And there might have been one more.

Who sells more albums Lil Wayne or Eminem?

Eminem has sold over He has sold more than 42 million tracks and 41 million albums in the United States, and nearly 90 million albums worldwide.Lil Wayne sold Over 10 million albumsworld-wideSo Eminem sold more albums than Lil Wayne

What rap artist came out with song that has the word amazing in it?

Both Kanye West and Young Jeezy have songs called Amazing. I'm sure theres alot more than that though. :D

Who is young money?

Hi there! Young money is is the name of a record company! It includes the following artists: Lil Wayne, Niki Manaj, Drake (Drizzy) and many more! ^_^

Who is more famous Wayne Rooney or Garfield?

WAYNE ROONEY IS more famous

Who has more tattoo lil Wayne or tyga?

lil wayne has more tattos

Is young money a group or person?

Young Money is actually a record company from Cash Money Records founded by Lil Wayne which includes Drake, Nicki Minaj, and more(: hope that helped!