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Who sells the most efficient wood stove?

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I had a pacific energy woodstove in my last house and it was the best one I've ever owned, but take a look for yourself.

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What does a pellet stove do?

A pellet stove is a form of wood burning stove except more efficient.

Can a wood burning stove be change to a wood burning fireplace?

Yes wood burning stove is an excellent way to heat our home and it is a good alternative of wood fireplaces. Wood burning stove is more efficient than fireplace at heating a room or home with the same amount of wood. The installation cost of wood burning stove is cheaper than open fireplaces. With wood stove you can reduce the risks of injuries.

Which is more efficient a wood stove or a high efficiency furnace?

depends on whether you have to pay for the wood... if the wood is free then you can't beat the costs.

Where can one purchase a steamer for a wood stove?

One can purchase a steamer for a wood stove at many home improvement stores. The Home Depot sells a wide selection of these types of steamers for a reasonable price.

Can you use driftwood in a wood burning stove?

Drift wood can be used in a wood burning stove. It is not as efficient as other aged wood but it will burn. Drift wood is often collected on beaches to have bon-fires. Any wood that has been in the ocean will destroy your stove in a matter of months. I sell wood stoves. A fellow brought in his stainless steel baffle from a stove that he purchase from us less than 6 months earlier. He had been burning wood that had been in the ocean. I could literally crumble it in my hand.

A wood stove provides most of its heat by?


Where can you get a replacement door for your wood stove?

Look on the back of your stove for the maker/brand of the stove. You can then contact any store that sells wood stoves to see if they can order a replacement door for you. If they can't, then google the name of the manufacturer to get their address and/or phone number, then contact them directly for the door.

What is a wood pellet stove?

A wood pellet stove is a stove that burns pellets or wood. Burning the wood or pellets creates a source of heat for homes or businesses.

How do you get a heater for Dean on My Sim's Kingdom?

You go across the river and to the woman who sells the appliances and get a wood stove and then give it to Dean.

What does a wood stove blower do?

A traditional wood stove burns wood to heat a room. The wood stove blower is a fan system that is used to distribute the heat created by the stove around a room or building.

What did people use before gas water heaters?

Coal or wood fired boilers or just heat water on the stove. A wood stove most likely.

Can i use aluminum in my wood stove door?

Not a good idea. Most aluminum alloys will warp under the heat of a wood stove. Probable fire hazard.

How do you get a heater or something for Dean on My Sim's Kingdom?

You go across the river and to the woman who sells the appliances and get a wood stove and then give it to Dean.

How do you convert a coal burning stove to a wood burning stove when The stove is a Haman Mark 3 which is a very big stove?

Put wood inside instead of coal one day and see what happens. Size does not matter. If it is a large stove use large wood, if it is a small stove then use small wood.

What wood to burn on a wood stove?

Hope this article may help you: Types of Firewood You can Burn in Your Wood Stove

Where can one purchase a wood stove pipe?

Wood stove pipes can be purchased from many stores online and offline. Some examples of stores that sell wood stove pipes include Lowes, Rural King, and Wood Stove Outlet.

Is a wood pellet stove better than a conventional stove?

A conventional stove is better, as it uses less wood burning materials.

Will wood catch on fire placed on top of a wood stove?

It certainly can if the top of the stove reaches the ignition temp of the wood.

Is a wood burning stove a biomass stove category?


What does a wood stove use for fuel?


Is larch good for burning in a wood stove?

All wood is good for burning in a wood stove. The difference is how long the fuel lasts in the stove. (I find it fascinating that you have both internet access and a woodburning stove.) Pine is not recommended too pitchy, and or sap. wood stove saves on electric bills in the winter.

Is a stove chemical energy?

The stove itself is not but if it is a wood burning stove, when it is used, the conversion of wood into heat is the conversion of chemical into thermal energy

Which wood will gum up your wood stove?


Wood for your wood burning stove in minnesota?

What a tree is made out of.

What are the advantages in using a wood burning stove?

One of the biggest advantages to using a wood burning stove is that a wood stove greatly reduces electricity costs. Another advantage is that wood is a renewable resource and is considered more environmentally friendly.