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Is it safe for old people to use hand sanitizers?


Do isopropyl alcohol based hand sanitizers work as well as ethyl alcohol based hand sanitizers?

well IT DEPEND HOW MUCH YOU USE. If you use a the same amount then yes they are the same.

Can you become immune to hand sanitizers after excessive use?

No, there is no evidence of this so far.

Why does hand soaps and sanitizers prevent the growth of bread mold?

Hand soaps and hand sanitizers prevent the growth of bread mold because bread mold is a bacteria and the PH level of soap and the alcohol in hand sanitizers can prevent the growth of the bread mold.

What do common sanitizers use?

Commercial hand sanitizers, such as Purell, use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) as their active ingredient. However, there are also industrial sanitizers used to clean food production facilities and other sensitive areas. There are several classes of industrial sanitizers, including chlorine-based, quaternary ammonia-based, and acid-based.

Where can I buy a bunch of hand sanitizer dispensers?

Hand sanitizers are a great thing to have in order to keep each room safe. You can order these hand sanitizers direct from the manufacturer at

Did Lupe Hernandez invent hand sanitizers?


Do hand sanitizers kill good germs?


Do hand sanitizers really work?

Hand sanitizers have an antibacterial ingredient in them to kill germs or bacteria and some viruses. If it is a good product and used correctly, they are effective when handwashing is not convenient.


Does the alcohol in hand sanitizers get absorbed through the skin and metabolise by the body

What is the sanitizer for the hands?

Well, if you want your hands to be germ free, use hand sanitizers with 60- 90 percent of alcohol. Such as Purell, Germout, Germ-x, Bacide, Aquim, Aquawet and others with more than 60 percent of alcohol. So don't use non-alcohol hand sanitizers.

Are hand sanitizers toxic to eat?

Yes, if ingested the subject should wash their mouth out imediatley or receive medical attention.

How well do hand sanitizers work?

From my experience, I have had good success with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. That being said, many things contribute to sickness, and using hand sanitizer will not be the ultimate factor. However, hand sanitizer has been proven to defeat a great majority of germs, so it is a good idea to use it when you're in contact with people.

Can you use Germ-X to help keep swine flu away?

Yes. The regular Germ-X hand sanitizers use alcohol (63%) as the active ingredient. The CDC has said that hand sanitizers are good to use if they contain a minimum of 60% alcohol, but must be used exactly as directed on the label to be effective. There is a new formulation of Germ-X hand sanitizer that is alcohol-free. The CDC has said these types of alcohol-free hand sanitizers can be effective and, if regular soap and warm water are not available, they are a useful substitute until you can get to a place to wash your hands properly.

Does hand sanitizer kill the Ebola virus?

No. Viruses are not alive so hand sanitizers can not "kill" them.

How do hand sanitizers work?

They are mostly alcohol, which kills 99.9% of germs.

Do hand soap and sanitizer prevent the growth of bread mold?

I have found that most soaps dont but most sanitizers do.This is because most hand sanitizers are 60% ethynol,which can prevent the growth of mold.

Does mold grow if sprayed with hand saniitzers?

Hand sanitizers use alcohol to kill bacteria. There is only one hand sanitizer that I know of that also kills mold because it contains Quat. But the normal sanitizers you see sold everywhere usually only contain alcohol. If you want to also kill mold, try Artemis Alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer. Although it would be better to use their spray if you are cleaning surfaces.

Does using Hand Sanitizers make super germ?

Does wiki answers have you an orgasm?

How much money is spent on hand sanitizer a year?

On average, about 3,000 dollars a year is spent on hand sanitizers.

What properties of hand sanitizer are beneficial?

Soap and water are more effective than hand sanitizers at removing certain germs or bacteria whereas alcohol-based sanitizers can inactivate many types of microbes very effectively. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol that acts as a cleansing agent. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial agents that destroy or inactivate the activity of germs or bacteria from the hands in just a few seconds. Therefore, hand sanitizers might be used when you are traveling in crowded areas where you are going to touch a lot of articles or objects, so at that time they act as an effective alternative for hand wash.

How can you protect ourselves daily from contamination by pathogenic microorganisms?

we can protect ourselves by washing our hands getting the proper needles and using hand sanitizers we can protect ourselves by washing our hands getting the proper needles and using hand sanitizers

Is peroxide better than alcohol for disinfection of surfaces?

Alcohol, which is why it is used in hand sanitizers.

Which hand sanitizers can be carried on airplanes?

Any, as long as they are less than 3 ounces.

How many germs do alcohol free hand sanitizers kill?

99.9% & common germs

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