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In twilight, the song 'Bella's Lullaby' is a piano piece and has no accompanying vocals. The piece was composed by Carter Burwell.

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Q: Who sing's the song in twilight 1 Bella's lullaby?
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What is Bella and Edward's favorite song?

Bellas lullaby

What is lullaby song?

Bellas Lullaby is the music that Edward plays for her on his piano. It is played in the movie, but not addressed. If you buy the soundtrack, you can hear the entire song.

What was the Lullaby for Bella in the Movie Twilight?

The lullaby for Bella in the Twilight movie is the song "Bella's Lullaby". You can buy it on iTunes or buy the movie soundtrack.

In Twilight what is the song called that edward plays for Bella on the piano?

THE SONG IS CALLED BELLAS LULLABY!!! GO TOO THIS SITE TOO LISTEN TOO IT!!! >>>> GO TOO TIME 1:10 .... YOU'LL KNOW ITS THE RIGHT SONG!!! hi,you can also go to they have almsot all of the songs from all three twilight movies too hope this helped

What is the song playing in the fight scene in twilight?

There's a song in the fight scene? Uhm, is it Bellas Lullaby? You do mean the Ballet Studio one, don't you? There isn't another fight in there, :S Yeah, it might be Bellas Lullaby, but i didn't think there was a song. You might mean the part where Edward is.. extracting the venom so to speak. Thats "let Me Sign" by the one and only Robert Pattinson :D

After Bella meets Edwards family when they are in the woods what is that song playing on the piano?

The song is Bella's lullaby by carter burwell or the twilight score or twilight soundtrack =) The song is Bella's lullaby by carter burwell or the twilight score or twilight soundtrack =)

What is the name of the song katniss sings to prim?

Rue's Lullaby

What is the lullaby katniss sings to rue called?

the valley song

What song plays when they are in the woods in twilight?

The song that is palyed when they are in the woods is Bell's Lullaby.

What is the classical song that was in twilight?

Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell

In the movie Twilight what is the song playing when they are in the tree?

its Bella's lullaby

What is the theme song to Twilight?

Bella's Lullaby By Carter Burwell

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