Who sing the holiday song in Toyota commercial?


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Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend.

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Sing, sing, sing by Louis Prima.

Russel Peterson sings the song on the lakers commercial.

I didn't find any toyota commercial with a french song, could you be more specific ?

The Toyota song in the company's commercial is Wheel by Fisher.

No, none of his songs are called Holiday.

The song is entitled "If you want to sing out, sing out"

what songs do they sing on Christmas in England

For the December 2013 Holiday commercial, the song is "the Greenest Grass" by Joshua Radin.

Vampire Weekend, the song is called "Holiday"

The Lumineers sing the song 'Ho Hey' for the new Bing commercial.

Yes, he did the song 'Happy Xmas' (War Is Over).

Cat Stevens- if you want to sing out, sing out

Just watched the commercial. I knew the voice, but couldn't pinpoint it. Then it came to me--Cat Stevens. The name of the song is If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out.

yes she does, but im not quite sure what song it is. i saw in a different site that the song was made for the commercial, but it is her!

If you mean the song in the commercial it is 'Who is Gonna Sing' by the Prototypes.

Nick Drake. Song Title "From this Morning"

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