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batista sings alberto del Rio theme song

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Q: Who sings Alberto Del Rio theme song?
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Who sings Alberto Del Rio's theme song?

Jim Johnston

What is alberto del rio's theme song?

Alberto Del Rio's theme song is called Realteka by Jim Johnston (can be bought at ITunes).

What the name of Alberto Del Rio theme song?

I heard its name is varios.

What are the lyrics of Alberto Del rio theme song?

Alberto Del Rio is a wrestler who never cares for others but he can be improved and he should try to imprve himself.And he should not harm any wrestler especially WWE superstar John Cena.

Who sings the song macerena?

Los Del Rio

Who sings the song of trunfo del amor?

maria desemparada

What is the birth name of Alberto Del Rio?

Alberto Del Rio's birth name is Alberto Rodriguez.

When did Alberto del Canto die?

Alberto del Canto died in 1611.

When was Alberto del Canto born?

Alberto del Canto was born in 1547.

Who is alberto del Rio's father?

Alberto Del Rio's dad is Dos Caras.

Who sings the song hasta el fin del mundo?

Jennifer Pena

What is the ODST theme song?

it is a song by cafe del mar called lament if i remember right.

Where does alberto del rio live?

I don't know where is Alberto Del Rio live tell me where for me

When was Alberto Del Rio born?

Alberto Del Rio was born on May 25, 1977.

What is Alberto Del Rio's birthday?

Alberto Del Rio was born on May 25, 1977.

Who sings Buddy Holly song Everyday in Macy's commercial?

Mike Del Rio

Who sings Buddy Holly song Everyday in target commercial?

Mike Del Rio

Did edge win Alberto Del Rio?

Alberto Del Rio because he did the cross arm breaker

Can you unlock alberto del rio on svr 11?

You can't. Alberto del Rio is not on svr 2011.

Where was Alberto Del Rio born?

Alberto Del Rio was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Is Connor Del Rio related to Alberto Del Rio?

No,Albertos real name is Alberto Rodriguez

What are the 2 ringtones in the movie Savages?

Chavo del ocho theme song

What is the theme song of maria la del barrio?

Patuloy ang pangarap

Where is Alberto Del Rio from?

Former WWE superstar, Alberto Del Rio, is from San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

When did Luis Alberto del Paranรก die?

Luis Alberto del Paraná died on 1974-09-15.