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Who sings Christian's WWE music theme?

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Waterproof Blonde, "Just Close Your Eyes" from the ThemeAddict CD.

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Who sings edges WWE music theme?

Alter Bridge

Who sings Zack Gowen's theme music in WWE?

Its "Seether", with "Out Of My Way".

Who sings WWE Christians 2010 theme song?

Christian's theme song, "Just Close Your Eyes", is sung by Waterproof Blondie.

Who sings WWE ric flairs theme song?

no one sings it it is the opening music from the movie 2001 a space odyssey

Who sing WWE edge theme music?

Alter Bridge sings Edge's theme song. The song is called Metalingus.

Who sings Christians WWE theme song?

Christians new theme song is " Just Close Your Eyes " by James A. Johnston and Story of the Year.Christians old theme song was " Just Close Your Eyes " by James A. Johnston and Waterproof Blonde.

Who sings the old wwe theme song move to the music?

union undeground "across the naion" not "move to the music" i guess

Who sings WWE christians 2009 entrance music?

The song is "Just Close Your Eyes" by Story Of The Year

Who sings WWE diva maryses theme song?

James A. Johnston sings her theme song.It says it on the WWE Voices CD.

What band sings Mr Kennedy's theme music in WWE?

Airbourne the best rock band from australia

Who sings Edge's WWE theme song?

AnswerAlterbridge - Metalingus sings Edge's theme song.

Where can you download WWE theme music?

You can download wwe theme music at the URL in the related link.

Who sings the entrance theme for Edge?

Edge's current WWE entrance music is ''Metalingus'' by Alter Bridge. Metallingus

Who sings WWE Christian theme?

Christian does

Who does the theme music for Sunday Night Heat?

It is a generic theme made by Jim Johnson of the WWE. Nobody sings it. Jim Johnson wrote it and saliva preformed it

Who sings WWE theme song awesome?

The Miz

Where can i download Wwe star the rock theme music?

'the rock' theme music

Who sings Jeff Hardy's WWE theme song?


Who sings WWE theme tune voices?

Rev Theory.

Who sings the nexus WWE theme song?

12 Stones.

Who sings Layla's WWE theme?

The song that is used as WWE Layla's theme is titled Insatiable. It is performed by Patsy Grime. Layla is signed on as a WWE Diva.

Who sings WWE diva maryse's theme song?

Pop singer Adam Lambert sings Maryse's theme song,Pourquoi.

Who sings the eddies and mexicools theme song?

No one. The Mexicools theme is done by unknown artists and Eddie's is a remix of Jim Johnsin's (WWE music producer) own song. Jinfamous sings Mexicools, but NO ONE sings Eddie's. It is a mix with nobody famous doing it.

Who sings Christy Hemme theme song in wwe?

Christy Hemme's WWE theme was called "Walk Idiot Walk" by The Hives. :D

Who sings WWE Christian 2009 theme song?

Christians 2009 theme song is " Just Close Your Eyes ( remix version ) " and is performed by American band, Story of the Year (also known as Story or SOTY).