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The Wrestlemania 28 theme song is "Invincible" by Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK ft. Ester Dean.

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Q: Who sings WrestleMania 28 song?
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Related questions

Who sings the theme song for WrestleMania 26?

Kevin Roudolpf

Who sings the WrestleMania theme song?

It's sung by Eric Turner and Tinie Tempah.

What is the theme song for WrestleMania 28?

As far as i know. The incoming pay per view today is Wrestlemania 26,not 28 The theme song of Wrestlemania 26 is "I Made It" by Kevin Rudolf Here's the download link: ( )

Will undertaker lose at WrestleMania 28?

No....He will win the wrestlemania 28...........

When did WrestleMania 28 take place?

WrestleMania 28 took place on April 1st, 2012.

Where is wreslemania 28 going to be?

Wrestlemania 27 Will be in Atlanta, Georgia. Wrestlemania 28 has not been determined yet.

Who will undertaker fight at WrestleMania 28?

the undertaker will maybe i am not sure fight thriple h at wrestlemania 28

Will undertaker leave wwe after WrestleMania 28?

yeah. he is going to leave wwe at Wrestlemania 28 with a streak 20.0

What channel will WrestleMania 28 be on?

Wrestlemania was aired on pay per view.

When is WrestleMania going to be in Philadelphia?


When will rey mysterio be back?

Before Wrestlemania 28 he hopes he said he will beat Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 28

Who sings America the beautiful at WrestleMania 29?


When did WrestleMania XXVI happen?

WrestleMania XXVI happened on 2010-03-28.

When did WrestleMania XV happen?

WrestleMania XV happened on 1999-03-28.

Who won the WWE championship at WrestleMania 28?

At Wrestlemania XXVIII (28), CM Punk retained his WWE Championship against Chris Jericho.

Who will win at wrestlemania 28 Triple H or undertaker?

We'll find out when they meet at WrestleMania.

Will undertaker take part in WrestleMania 28?

of course wrestlemania will be worthless without the Deadman

Will there be a re run on tv for WrestleMania 28?

i think there will be cause they did wrestlemania 27 like that even though i went to bith wrestlemanias,wrestlemania26,27,and 28

What was the song played in john cena video in royal rumble 2012?

The song was called "Invincible" by MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) Ft. (Ester Dean) That is also the Official Theme song for WrestleMania 28

Did John cena fight the rock?

Yes, he did fight The Rock at WrestleMania 28 and WrestleMania 29

When will WrestleMania 28 be?

April 1

Will the undertaker be at WrestleMania 28?


Where will WrestleMania 28 be held?

Wrestlemania 28 will be held in Miami, FL, In Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's hometown where he will vs John Cena a.k.a Fruity Pebbles

Who sings the theme song for WWE extreme rules 2008?

Rev Theory. The song is off of the same album as the theme for WrestleMania XXIV. Fact: Ashley Massaro was in the music video for "Hell Yeah" (the theme for One Night Stand 2008).

Who will face WWE superstar undertaker at WrestleMania 28?

Nobody knows yet. No matches are scheduled for WrestleMania 28 yet, except The Rock vs John Cena.