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Scottish band, Fairground Attraction in 1988. he was the best singer because everyone thought he was perfact

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Who is the name who sings perfect two?


What celebrity sings Perfect?

justin birber

Who made the song perfect two?

Auburn sings it

Who sings She Looks So Perfect?

5 Seconds Of Summer

Who sings the song Perfect?

The song is by Pink. Listen to the song below.

Who sings the new song called your perfect?

I think its by,Juliet Shatkin

Does Selena Gomez sing PEFECTLY from pixel perfect?

Selena Gomez sings the song Pefectly from the album Pixel Perfect

Who sings the song perfect day?

The song Perfect Day was sung by the band Lady Antebellum also known as Lady A.

Who sings The Perfect Fit from the Princess Protection Programme movie?

Robbie Nevil.

What band sings a perfect lie?

I'm pretty sure it's massive attack.

Who sings the song on the perfect home advert?

I think it's The Darts - cool jerk

What kind of songs does Hannah Montana sings?

hey what is up it is me miley I sing nobody perfect

Who sings pretty pretty please?

U mean perfect... pink i think... P!nk...

Is Kaila Lusabia good at singing?

Oh she sings like an angel! Shes absoloutley PERFECT!!!!

Who sings the country with the lyrics tell her about me?

jb and the moonshine band, the song is called perfect girl

Who sings Im not a perfect person?

If your talking about the song that goes - Im not a perfect person , as many things i wish i didnt do ...... then its - The hoobastank with the song called - The reason

How does Miley Cyrus sing so good?

her dad sings awesome. that is what happens most of the time. he passed down his voice to her. also, she sings A LOT! practice makes perfect!

Who is sings the song that ends What if I told you you were blessed there is no jury there is no test put your soul to rest?

it it what it is no one is perfect

Who sings the song with lyrics if you're looking for perfect then you don't have to change?

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

Who sings the song in the Verizon commercial about the 3g coverage with the two guys in the restaurant?

It's Lou Reed, singing "A Perfect Day"

Does Katy Perry lip sync?

Kind of, well yes but she lip sings her own voice! Just to be perfect. But her is some advice:READ... dont hate

Does Katy Perry lip-sync?

Kind of, well yes but she lip sings her own voice! Just to be perfect. But her is some advice:READ... dont hate

Who sings in the Resident Evil afterlife trailer?

The song in the Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer is called A Perfect Circle, by The Outsider [Resident Evil Renholder Remix].

What was the pitbull bred for?

The original pitbull for intended for dog fighting. In the course of creating the perfect dog for fighting, the best dog temperamemt was created. A real pitbull will not show sings of human biting and are perfect for being around children and are good family dogs.

What are two of Hannah Montana's songs?

well there is "i got nervs" the next one is "nobodys perfect" i know this because my little sister waches the movies and she sings the songs.

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