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Bruce Springsteen, but there are probably several versions by others.

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Q: Who sings rave the song Dancing In The Dark?
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Who sings the song 'Dancing in the Dark'?

Dancing in the DarkI'm pretty sure it was Bruce Springsteen. The more pop/rave one is Dev, In the Dark.

Who sings the song Dancing in the Dark?

I'm pretty sure it was Bruce Springsteen. The more pop/rave one is Dev, In the Dark.

Who sings the song dancing on your own?

Robyn sings the song "Dancing on my Own"

What is the song that artie in glee sings?

The song Artie sings is Dancing With Myself

Who sings dancing in the dark song on yp com commercial?

It's FIRE by the Black Seeds of New Zealand!!

Who sings in the dark?

Dev sings that song!

Who sings the song table dancing?


Who sings the song dancing in the street?

Dunna Nunna?

Who sings you make me feel like dancing?

It's Leo Sayer who sings this song.

Who sings the song bring on the dancing horses?

Eco and the bunnymen

Who sings the new song with part of love is strange song from dirty dancing?


Does kesha sing about dancing or a dance floor?

she sings about dancing she made a song called im dancing with tears in my eyes!!

Who sings the song overload in the movie dirty dancing?

Patrick Swayze

Who sings the song LOVE MAN in dirty dancing?

Otis Redding

What is the name of the song monica sings in love song?

what is name of the song that monica is dancing to when she is wearing the boots in love song

Who sings the song Shine of Barbie and the twelve dancing princess?

Kelly Sheridan.

Who sings the new rock song Pole Star Dancing?

i just found it, it is by a Canadian group called My Darkest Days and the song is called "pornstar dancing"

Who sang the song called Dancing in the dark?

Bruce Springsteen

Who sings step back your dancing kind of close?

Blue. There's a band called "Next" that sings a song with these lyrics. The song is called Too Close.

Who sings the song whisper in the dark?

The band named 'skillet'

Who sings the song loverboy from the movie dirty dancing?

Love Is Strange by Mickey & Sylvia.

Who sings the song on the advert for Strictly Come Dancing?

I think it's Paloma Faith

Who sings the song in the Dr Pepper commercial with the young guy dancing at a party?


Who sings 'Dark Horse and a Cherry Tree'?

Scottish musician K.T. Tunstall sings this song.

Who originally performed the song 'Dancing in the Dark'?

Bruce Springsteen. He wrote and sang the song.