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i luv u.....u luv me.....i think meatloaf sings this song.....with a great big hug and a kiss from me to soo glad i cud help u

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What makes a dance a dance?

A dance is a matter of opinion. Dance being art and art being in the of the beholder.

Why do people dance to hip hop?

because they think music is cool usually they dont care about the lyrics the mostly care about is the beat the beat makes everyone want to dance if have a lame beat and strong lyrics everyone is going to reconize you by your lyrics (mainly rap) when people sing rap they dont worry about the beat as much but the thing they dont realize the beat makes everyone want to get out of there seat and dance but in rap you need a little of both strong lyrics and a strong beat without those two things everyone going reconize you as a person with strong lyrics or a person who has a strong beat

How does music affect dance?

Not only does music affect your dance moves, It affects your brain as well. Songs with aggressive musical lyrics increase aggression related to thoughts and emotions, and this effect is directly related to the violence in the lyrics. they have a sense of humour that affects people, makes you laugh or smile, or in some cases cry!

What southern gospel songs contains the lyrics Jesus will be what makes it heaven for you?

"Jesus Will Be What Makes It Heaven for Me." YYou can find the lyrics on the internet.

What dance does to you?

makes you hyper.

What makes a song the music or the lyrics?

The music.

The wedding dance short story?

the wedding dance makes us happy

Who makes the lyrics of Addams family?

The Music and Lyrics for the Addams Family Musical was written by Andrew Lippa

In dance what does projection mean?

it means that the dancers can project themselves through dance and this helps dance because it makes the dance very emotional.

What is the medium of dance?

Medium of dance is human body itself as dance makes use of human body for its expression.

What person makes up lyrics as they sing?


What is another way of saying makes them different?

Makes them not the same.

What is tarantallegra in Harry Potter?

A spell that makes your legs do a weird sort of dance

What is a dance quotes?

a special quote that talks about dance how it makes you feel how it can express emotions

Where can you get the lyrics to Falling from Grace written by Larry McMurtry?

There's a site called Metro Lyrics that makes them available.

What song contains the lyrics every time you see you cry it makes you smile?

the lyrics are everytime when i see you cry it makes me smile and that song is named Smile by lily Allen

How often should you dance?

When your girlfriend makes you.

Who is a choreographer?

A person who makes dance routines

What makes you dance?

the beat or the words of a song

Where can the lyrics of the song 'If It Makes You Happy' by Sheryl Crow be found for free?

You can find the lyrics of the song "If it makes you happy" by Sheryl Crow for free on lyrics websites such as: AzLyrics, Lyrics007, MetroLyrics, sing365, LyricsMode, eLyrics. There are also some videos on Youtube available which have the lyrics of the song included.

What process makes mRNA?

This answer is transcription.....welcome..kidd lyrics

Why are teens easily influenced by explicit lyrics?

it makes them horny

What is the lyrics of What makes you beautiful?

go to school kid and learn

What are the lyrics to it always makes a difference when Jesus passes by?


What is life cycle dance?

welll i t i s when someone makes a dance up in a cycle