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David Seville (creator of Alvin and the Chipmunks) ...number ONE hit in 1958

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Original witch doctor song?

David Seville (creator of the Chipmunks)-1958

When was Witch Doctor - song - created?

Witch Doctor - song - was created in 1998.

Who sings WITCH season 2 theme song?


Who sings the original Cadillac ranch song?

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band sings that song.

Who sings a song called ooh ere ooh ah ah?

If I've got the right song, it's actually called "Witch Doctor" and it's sung by David Seville

Who sings the every witch way theme song?

Paola andino

Who sings the original angel song?

Shaggy's version inspired by the original song "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton.

What is the original song dilemma called and who sings it?

pattie labelle sings the original song its called i love you,need you,want you from the album im in love again hope it helped.

Who originally sang the song Witch Doctor?

david Seville

Who sings the original Pokemon theme song?

Billy crawford

Who is the girl who sings in Eminem song Doctor?

Skylar Gray

Who sings the song with the lyrics Who do you love?

Bo Diddley is the original singer of the song "Who Do You Love?"

What is the name of the original song George Lopez sings when sing the Pelo Song?


Who sings the witch doctor?

Do you mean who originally sang the witch doctor? I mean to say half the population will have most probably sung it by now won't they? The first actual recording of the witch doctor was by the guy that created Alvin and the Chipmunks, David Seville. I watched a whole biography on it a few months ago and according to them he was a jingle writer and came up with the song and the cute concept of the chipmunks.-Cliffclavin

Who sings the original song Time Of your Life?

Green Day sings "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"

Who sings the original song spin me right round?

Flo Rida sings spin me right round

When was witch doctor released?

The song by ross bagdasarain was released in 1958

Who sings the original eBay song?

backstreet boys- i want it that way

Who sings the original song Let's Dance?

Miley Cyrus

What is the name of the song from the music video in witch the woman that sings is actually a man?

A woman's work

Who sings you need a doctor girl part?

Skylar Grey is the girl singer in the song " i need a doctor".

Who sings the original opening song for Cold Case?

Nara by Es posthumus

What episode of glee do they sing blackbird?

Original song, Kurt sings it by himself.

What is that sailor song that the dodo sings in Alice in Wonderland original?

In the 1951 animated film, the Dodo sings "The Sailor's Hornpipe".

Who sings TNA doctor steaves song?

It's Stevie and Dale oliver composes it. I don't know who in the hell sings it

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