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Q: Who sings the song brown eye girl?
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Who sings the cotton eye joe song?

Cotten eye joe is sung by Rednex

Who sings the song i am the eye i go blink blink?

Psalty Sing-a-longs

What is van Morrison famous for?

Brown eye girl

Who sings the song with the lyrics 'my heart goes pow'?

The Black Eye Peas

What is Niall Horan's favourite eye colour for his girl?

he loves brown eyes for a girl

What is nick jonas's favorite eye color on a girl?

his favorite eye color is dark brown.

What song does Jim Carey sing in yes man?

he sings jumper by third eye blind

Who sings the song-one legged man and one eye woman?

Irene Reid

Does Cover Girl make eye make up specifically for brown eyes?

Cover Girl does make eye make up specifically for brown eyes. Their line called Exact Eyelights have eye make up specifically for brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes.

What eye color does Nick Jonas like on a girl?

Brown or hazel

What is Zayn Malik's favourite eye colour for a girl?

light brown

What is Lady Gaga's real eye color?

In her song Bad Romance Lady Gaga has a closeup that shows she has green eyes. But the very edge shows a hint of blue.Edit: Lady Gaga"s eye color is an Aqua BlueSecond edit:Both of you are wrong. She's Italian, and she naturally has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Look at old photographs of her from before she became famous. Obviously her eyes change colours in her videos because she wears coloured contacts. But her true eye colour is brown.Lady Gaga's eye colour is Blue. If you think they're Brown, because of the song she sings, well, your wrong, because she is singing it about her ex-boyfriend.^^ No idea what idiot answered that, but her natural eye colour IS brown. Gaga (Stefanie Germanotta) naturally has brown eyes and brown hair.

Who sings the song sweet thing apple of your eye on the ATT commercial?

Amos Lee.....and he is an incredible artist

Why is a brown eye called that?

Because a brown eye is the color brown in a eye and a eye has a color in it and a brown eye means that your is brown inside also for a sample if you had brown eyes that means that in your eye there is a circle and a small one that is black and the big one is maybe brown

What does Cameron boyce like in a girl?

he likes a girl with long hair with brown or blond hair it has to be all brown and he likes a girl who is sporty and love to dance and he likes her with a blue eye or brown eyes he also likes a girl who is laid back and has a great personality

What is Ashley Tisdale's eye color?

brownBrown.Her eye color is brownBrown.

Who sings that song apple of your eye on Fruit of the Loom?

It's actually called Sweet Pea and it's by Amos Lee.

Who sings sunshine on me through the branches?

If you refer to the song on the Birds Eye commercial, the singer is Andy Cabic of the band Vetiver:

Who sings The eye of the tiger?

"Eye of the Tiger" is a song performed by the American rock band Survivor from the album Eye of the Tiger, released in 1982. It was written at the request of Sylvester Stallone for the film Rocky III,

Would Joe Jonas date a brown head brown eye 11 year old girl?

hellz no! too young.

Did Jesse McCartney do a song with Chris Brown?

Why? Does she have a black eye and a bruised lip like Rhianna did?

Who sings that song that goes like everyone everyone is looking at you?

Eye of the tiger? i dont now i think foreign someting like that

Who sings Eye to Eye in A Goofy Movie?

Tevin Campbell.

How do you have hazel colored eye?

A green eye with brown coloring or a brown eye with green coloring.

Why do I have a brown dot in my eye?

You will have to ask an eye doctor why you have a brown dot in your eye. It might be a freckle.