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Ben Lee, Catch My Disease Ben Lee. Catch my disease, by Ben Lee ben lee - catch my disease *great song, spread the word! It's Ben Lee's song 'Catch My Disease' from the album 'Awake Is The New Sleep' more info -

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โˆ™ 2006-09-08 17:04:16
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Q: Who sings the song in the new Dell commercial with the lyrics 'and that's the way I like it'?
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Who sings the song in the new Dell commercial with the lyrics 'I am green today'?

It's called "Colors" by Kira Willey.

Who sings the lollipop song in the dell treats commercial?

The Chordettes

Is their guitar lyrics for song lollipop dell commercial?


Who sings the new Dell commercial about different Dell notebooks about colors. It is a woman singing?

Kira Willey

Who sings the song on the Dell commercial with the lyrics 'I can give you what you want'?

It's The W.A.N.D. by the Flamming Lips The band is actually New Young Pony Club not Flaming Lips.

Who sings the song in the Dell Insprion 15 commercial that is frequently on VBStv with Lyrics that sound like only we could show the way?

The song in the Dell Inspiron 15 commercial is called Trace and it's by Anthem Facility. Anthem Facility is a project created by Stephen Hermann.

Who sings the song in the Dell commercial for the new XPS computers where the old computers are being smashed?

Jennifer Terran sings it on the Dell commercial, however Doris Day first sang it. Que Sera Sera

Who sings the song in the new dell commercial with the lyrics trying to rule all the world?

This isn't "Ice Cream" by The New Young Pony Club. It's The W.A.N.D. by The Flaming Lips

Who sings the song rule all the world in the new dell commercial?

michele Jackson

What is dell commercial song with lyrics love is a game?

multiplayer- the voluntary butler scheme

Who sings This Magic Moment in the new Dell commercial?

The Felice Brothers (tone deaf asshats)

Who sings the song in the dell xps with Verizon commercial?

New Politics - "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

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