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A man who is at the bar waiting for James Bond. When James Bond walks over to him the man at the bar says "Congratulations.".

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Q: Who speaks the first line in Goldfinger?
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Who speaks first out of Romeo and Juliet in the play?

Romeo speaks first with the line "is the day so young"

Who speaks the first line of the Hamlet?


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Who speaks the first line of the play in Hamlet?

Barnardo: "Who's there?"

Which picture came first from Russia with love or goldfinger?

'From Russia with Love' was released in 1963, 'Goldfinger' in 1964.

Which character speaks the first line in the play Hamlet?

Bernardo. He says, "Who's there?"

What James Bond movie ended with the last line This is no time to be rescued?


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What is the full name of goldfinger?

In the film Goldfinger, the character's full name was Auric Goldfinger.

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Romeo speaks first.

What year did Goldfinger premiered?

Goldfinger released in 1964.

What was the budget for Goldfinger?

The Production Budget for Goldfinger was $3,000,000.

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Romeo speaks first.

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Goldfinger (1964)

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Gert Frobe was the actor who played Goldfinger.

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Auric Goldfinger was created in 1959.

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The Production Budget for Goldfinger was $3,000,000.

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Romeo is the first of the two to speak in Rome and Julietby William Shakespeare. Romeo's first line is, "Is the day so young?"

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Romeo speaks first between Romeo and Juliet

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Yes you do.

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The Best of Goldfinger was created on 2005-04-19.

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The song Goldfinger was sung by Shirley Bassey.

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Jacqueline Goldfinger has written: 'Little women'

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Goldfinger grossed $124,900,000 worldwide.