Who stared Leon the professional?

Jean Reno as Leon, a professional hitman

Gary Oldman as Norman Stansfield, a corrupt DEA agent

Natalie Portman as Mathilda, a twelve-year-old girl

Danny Aiello as Tony, a mafioso who gives Léon his jobs

Michael Badalucco as Mathilda's father

Ellen Greene as Mathilda's mother

Peter Appel as Malky

Willi One Blood as Blood

Don Creech as Neal

Adam Busch as Manolo

Keith A. Glascoe as Benny

Randolph Scott as Jordon

George Martin as Receptionist

Elizabeth Regen as Mathilda's Sister

Carl J. Matusovich as Mathilda's Brother

Frank Senger as Fatman

Lucius Wyatt Cherokee as Tonto

Maïwenn as the blonde girl