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The people who introduced Christianity to China are believed to have been Nestorian Christians, considered heretics in the West, in the year 635. With imperial financial support, the first Christian church and monastery were built in Chang'an (Xi'an) in 638.

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What type of religion does china have?

China started with animism. From that sprang the philosophies of Taoism and Confucianism. Buddhism was introduced from the West. Christianity is pretty new in China, given its long history.

Why did Christianity fail to take root in china?

Christianity is starting to break through into China. I don't know whether you have heard of, or watch GOD.TV? They have now started to broadcast into China. I think the questioner is asking historically, say in connection with the Christian missionaries several hundred years ago.

Where Christianity is?

Christianity is in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and China.

Who started Christianity and Islam?

Christianity was started by Hazrat Eesa (A.S) while Islam was started by Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)

What event started Christianity?

AnswerChristians believe that the event that really started Christianity was the resurrection of Jesus.

Where did Islam Christianity and judaism start?

Judaism and Christianity started in Israel. Islam started in Saudi Arabia

How is Christianity practiced in China?

For the most part, the Christian church is underground in China. _________________________________________________ Legally, Christianity has been divided into 2 different religions in China: Catholic & Protestant.

From whom did Christianity originate?

Christianity started with Jesus Christ.

What religion entered china?


What is china McClain's religion?


Where Christianity started?


Where was Christianity started?


Which countries did Judaism Christianity and Islam start in?

Judaism and Christianity started in Israel. Islam started in Saudi Arabia

How did thr renissance change Christianity?

It didn't change Christianity, it started it. It is because of the resurrection that there is Christianity.

When was Christianity made a legal religion?

The year 2003 in China is when Christianity started being allowed without the death penalty.Thousands of years ago in almost all other countries. It is still against the law to be Christian in Afghanistan.

What are the religious traditions of China?

the main religious traditions of China are Buddhism and Christianity.

China believes in?

what does china believe

What countries is Christianity not a part of?


How was Christianity started?

Christianity was started from Jesus christ, after Jesus had died his deciples kept teaching Christianity and it romed the world from people moving other places and spreading their belief.

Why did the Portuguese come to China?

The Portuguese came to China to spread Christianity and to trade with them.The question can also be read as a true or false:The Portuguese came to China to both trade and spread Christianity. (TRUE)

Did Christianity started in Greece?

No, in Palestine

Who started the spread of Christianity?


In which Roman province did Christianity have its start?

AnswerChristianity is believed to have started in Galilee and Judea.

How did Judaism and Christianity start?

Judaism & Christianity started with God's Covenant with Abraham.

Which countries started Christianity?

Christianity started in Judea in present day Israel, which was a province of the Roman Empire. It then spread around this empire.

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