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I did cause Im awesome like that

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Q: Who started the Plymouth colony?
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When did Plymouth Colony started as an independent colony?


What is the Joint-stock company that started the Massachusetts colony?

Plymouth Colony

Plymouth Colony started as an independent colony until?

It was annexed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

What was the first permanent English settlement in Massaschusetts?

Not sure. I researched it and it said it was started and expanded into Plymouth Colony. It might be the Plymouth Colony.

What colony started the first public library?


What are four differences between Jamestown and Plymouth?

Plymouth was a religious colony and Jamestown was founded for economic reasons. Plymouth had better relationships with the Native Americans. Plymouth Colony came to farm the land. Jamestown people started by looking for gold. Plymouth was ruled by a religious oligarchy. Jamestown was a royal colony.

Where did the Plymouth Colony come from?

where did the Plymouth colony come from

Was the Plymouth colony or Massachusetts bay colony founded first?

Plymouth colony

When was Plymouth colony established?

Plymouth was a colony from 1620 to 1691.

When did Plymouth Colony end?

Plymouth Colony ended in 1691.

When was Plymouth Colony created?

Plymouth Colony was created in 1620.

What is the reasons that Plymouth Colony was found?

The Plymouth Colony was found for freedom of religion.

Who founded the colony of Plymouth in new england?

The pilgrims founded Plymouth Colony.

How did the Plymouth colony get its name?

the plymouth colony got it name by getting a name

What was the name of the pilgrims' first settlement?

It was called Plymouth Colony. Or somtimes New Plymouth or Plymouth Bay Colony.

What The name of the pilgrims first settlement?

It was called Plymouth Colony. Or somtimes New Plymouth or Plymouth Bay Colony.

What colony did the Plymouth establish?

They were Pilgrims from England and Holland, and they established the Plymouth Colony after their ship landed at Plymouth Rock.

In what present day state was the Plymouth colony?

The Plymouth colony was in present day Massachusetts.

How many ships came to the Plymouth colony?

There were 32.526 ships that sailed to the Plymouth Colony. No im just kidding. There were 14 that sailed to th Plymouth Colony. Not kidding.

Was the leader of the Plymouth colony?

The leader of the Plymouth colony in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, was Myles Standish. He was hired by the "separatists" (Protestants) for his expertise in many fields. He was elected as their military leader for life. He was an agent for the Plymouth colony of England. He also served as an treasurer of Plymouth Colony as well as assistant Governor.

Where was the Plymouth colony located?

At Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Who were the Jamestown and Plymouth leaders?

Plymouth Colony (sometimes New Plymouth, or Plymouth Bay Colony) was an English colonial venture in North America from 1620 to 1691.

Did the Quakers establish the Plymouth colony?

they did establish the Plymouth colony during 1620 and then later established more colony's elsewhere

What was the 1620 agreement for ruling the Plymouth Colony?

the mayflower was the 1620 agreement for ruling the Plymouth colony

Describes religious tolerance in the Plymouth colony?

The Plymouth colony only allowed the Puritan religion.