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Who started the colony of Georgia?


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James Oglethorpe in 1732

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Savannah was where Georgia colony started.

The country that started Georgia was England ,it was formed so it would stop the advance of Spain's Florida colony.

the colony was called Savannah in the state of Georgia

The official name for the colony of Georgia was the Province of Georgia. General James Oglethorpe received a charter from George II in 1732. The colony was named after King George. Oglethorpe started the colony as a haven for debtors.

Oglethorpe started Georgia Colonly because it was for poor people from England

The colony of Georgia started out as a proprietary colony before becoming a crown colony in 1755. It featured the General Assembly (the upper house of legislation) and the Commons House of Assembly (the lower house of legislation).

Georgia was the colony which was started as a refuge for debtors. It was established by James Oglethorpe in 1732.

Georgia was a very nice colony. Georgia was a very nice colony.

The CHerrokee lived in the Colony of Georgia The CHerrokee lived in the Colony of Georgia The CHerrokee lived in the Colony of Georgia

Georgia served as the British Penal colony but settlers in the Carolinas were becoming anxious about them being so close and because Georgia had great farm land so the penal colony did not last long before it was moved to Australia, an island penal colony.

Oglethorpe was the founder of the Georgia colony.

The colony Georgia was founded , in 1732.

when we the colony of Georgia settled

was started by James Oglethore. in 1733 he wanted to make the colony a place for English debtors to live.

There were three reasons for the founding of the Georgia Colony. Georgia was to be a place debtors in prison could go to start fresh and to be a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida. It was also started with the intent to not have slavery.

the colony of Georgia was founded in the seventeenth century

the British people settled in Georgia the colony

The Georgia Colony no longer exists.

The colony north of Georgia was South Carolina.

In the colony of Georgia they grew indigo,rice,and sugar

The government didn’t establish a colony in Georgia.

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