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Who started the measurement of time?

you started the measurement of time, who else would have started it

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Q: Who started the measurement of time?
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When was time started?

Measurement of time probably started the first time one hominid said to another, "Let's meet when the sun comes up again" or "Come when the moon is full." You could argue that there is really no such thing as time apart from the measurement of it.

Where did measurement started?

from Spartans in Rome

Metric system of Measurement started and popularized?

the metric sysytem of measurement started and popularized in England this is all about the metric equation

Describe the similarities between measurement of time with a calendar and measurement of time by radiometric age dating?


What 2 homophones belong to us and is a measurement of time?

please answer this! measurement of time = hour belongs to us = our

How long is a tad in time measurement?

Tad is not an exact measurement. It means a little.

What is the scientific measurement for time?


What is basic measurement of time?


What is the metric measurement of time?

The second

Time is a measurement of what?

A sequence of events.

What is the measurement unit for time?


How many different ways can you measure a puddle?

You could measure a puddle in various ways, which might, assuming basic instruments of measure are used, include:circumference or perimeter (linear measurement)color (subjective observatory measurement)color at different times of day and in different weather conditions, and so on (subjective observatory measurement)depth (linear measurement)surface area (area measurement)temperature of contents (Celsius)temperature of contents (Fahrenheit)time taken to be drunk by a dog of a particular age, weight and breed (time measurement)time taken to empty (time measurement)time taken to evaporate under various temperature controls (time and temperature measurement)time taken to fill (time measurementvolume of contents (capacity/volume measurement)weight of contents (weight/mass measurement)

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