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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Who stopped slavery in America?
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What American president stopped slavery in America?

Abraham Lincoln.

Slavery in America was stopped by which war?

I believe that the name of the war was called the Civil War. The Civil War was the time when slavery in the USA was stopped and the violence and critical times were stopped for the USA's were free from the horrid times.

Did the underground railroad stop slavery?

No... Officially the slavery in America at the time wasn't stopped by the people directly but it did help the politicians get the thought that slavery should be abolished.

Why Slavery should be stopped and in America in 1860?

Slavery is a violation of the most basic human rights. No man should own another man.

Why is important to know about Abraam lincoln?

he stopped slavery and was the president of u.s.a u shouldn't question america

Did Abraham Lincoln stop slavery in Asia?

No he stopped slavery in the USA.

What is important about Quakers?

They stopped slavery.

What are they trying to do to stop slavery?

It stopped

Who were the people who stopped slavery?


Who stopped slavery in the US?

Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which, both times it was issued, put an end to the legality of slavery in the United States of America. More information on the Emancipation Proclamation can be found at the Wikipedia link below Slavery was officially stopped in late 1865, by constitutional amendment, passed by Congress and ratified by the states, following the US Civil War.

What was the important thing abarham Lincoln did?

Something thatAbraham Lincoln did that was strong and wise was that he stopped most slavery in the Unites States of America. Although the Americans were free of slavery after Abraham Lincoln stopped most slavery in America, the South part of America argued about slavery. They wanted to keep slavery. So Abraham Lincoln made more and more speeches about important things, and slavery. Then eventually he got a lot of people to believe him and stop slavery. But the South still argued, so there was a war. The Americans won the war, and all of America was free from slavery.

What did Frederick Douglass accomblish?

he stopped slavery