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Scientists. Microbiologists in particular. Oh, are you asking for a reason as in job related. Well obviously police foresics (CSI), biologists, chemists, drug companies, schools, doctors, agencies like the CDC that are tracking the spread of diseases like West Nile virus, etc.

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Q: Who studies microscopic organisms?
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A person who studies microscopic organisms?

The person who studies microscopic organisms is called Microbiologist.

Who studies microscopic forms of life?

=A Microbiologist studies microscopic organisms.=

What do you call person who studies microscopic organisms?


What scientist studies microscopic forms of life?

A microbiologist studies microscopic forms of life.

What do you call a germ expert?

Someone who studies microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, etc. is called a microbiologist. A person who exclusively studies viruses, is referred to as a virologist.

What branch studies the microscopic structure of tissues?

Histology is the branch, which studies the microscopic structure of the tissues.

What are the three roles of microscopic organisms?

Both microscopic consumers are the main food source for larger consumers. There are also microscopic organisms that feed on the dead organisms of all sizes.

Is archea and bacteria and protists microscopic organisms?

yes. they are microscopic because they are single-cellular organisms.

What do you call a person that studies microscopic plants and animals?

A scientist that studies microscopic lifeforms is known as a microbiologist.

Are monera microscopic?

Monera, which are single-celled organisms, are microscopic.

What person studies organisms?

What is the name of a person that studies organisms

Who studies microscopic organism?


Who studies microscopic orginisms?


Study of microscopic organisms?


How can microscopic organisms be classified?


How important were microscopes in the discovery of microscopic organisms?

microscopes were very important then because we wouldn't even know about microscopic organisms to even discover them

The branch of anatomy that studies the microscopic structure?

The study of microscopic anatomy is often called histology.

Study of microscopic organism?

Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms. It is a branch of biology.

What is a free-floating microscopic organisms that large organisms feed on?


What sediment consist of mostly microscopic shells and hard parts of organisms?

The sediments that do consists of mostly microscopic shells and hard parts of organisms is Clay.

What type of organism is microscopic algae?

The microscopic algae are unicellular, colonial and filamentous forms of organisms.

What scientists study microscopic organisms?

A microbiologist.

What is the study of microscopic organisms?

Microbiology :>

What are microscopic floating organisms called?


What is the unit to measure microscopic organisms?