Who studies on earthquakes?


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The study of earthquakes is seismotology .

A person who studies earthquakes is a seismotologist .

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Seismology is the science of earthquakes and their causes. A scientist who studies earthquakes and their causes is called a seismologist.

A seismologist studies earthquakes.

A geologist studies earthquakes.

A seismologist studies earthquakes, their causes and effects.

A geologist studies natural hazards such as volcanoes and earthquakes.

Seismology: the branch of science studies of earthquakes and the movement of waves through the Earth.

One who studies earthquakes

a scientist who studies earthquakes

a person who studies earthquakes

a seismologist studies earthquakes by erika

Some geologists specialize as geophysicists, who study the physical properties and processes of the Earth. This field includes seismology, or the study of earthquakes. A person who studies earthquakes is called a seismologist.

a seismotologist is a person who studies earthquakes

No. Meteorologists study weather. Someone who studies earthquakes is called a seismologist.

People have studied earthquakes from ancient times - today people who study earthquakes are Geologists specializing as seismologists.

The branch if science that studies earth quakes is called Seismology

A geologist studies rock formations. A seismologist studies earthquakes.

a famous seismologist is a perso who studies earthquakes

seismologist: one who studies earthquakes. they use seismographs.

The natural phenomenon that seismology studies earthquakes. Seismology also studies seismic waves that move though the Earth. Seismic waves result from earthquakes.

There are several types of scientists in the world. A seismologist studies earthquakes, how they occur, where they occur, and why they occur.

Someone who measures and studies the intensities of Earthquakes.

a person who studies earthquakes and seismic waves is a seismologist

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