Who studies physical science?


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chemists studies physical science. th end. :):P

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Life science studies living organisms.Physical science studies matter and energyEarth science studies the Earth, such as geology, geophysics and ecology. d

Physical science studies the non-living natural world. So, physics, chemistry, geology, and astronomy are physical sciences. Social science studies the human world. It includes sociology, economics, anthropology, linguistics, and psychology. "Earth science" is the subset of physical sciences that study the earth, including geology, geochemistry, and geography.

Chemistry or physical science

Earth science. Meteorology refers to rock, weather conditions, water mass etc. Physical science studies manmade inventions.

Principally physics and chemistry, with off shoots like materials science

Physical Science is distinguished from Biological Science.So, most studies of Mosquitoes would fall under biological science, and NOT physical science.I suppose one branch of physical sciences studies the water cycle. And, Mosquitoes, streams, brooks, and etc could be considered part of the water cycle, but that might be stretching things a bit.

As it deals with elements of natural science and science that studies non-living things, yes.

The branch of physical science studies the properties of matter and changes in matter is known as chemistry. This is a branch which is mainly concerned with atoms and molecules and how they interact.

The branches of physical science includes astronomy, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences. Astronomy studies stars and planets. Chemistry studies the chemical makeup of the earth. Physics studies how objects move in space. Earth science encompasses the study of Earth itself.

Hershey and Chase, Mendel's discoveries, etc.

Earth science or Geoscience refers to science that studies the Earth. Here are its field of studies: Geology, Physical geography, Geophysics and Geodesy, Soil Science, Ecology, Hydrology, Glaciology, and Atmospheric Sciences.

Library science, interdisciplinary studies, engineering, biology and biomedical science, and physical sciences.

Science is the practical and intellectual activity in which encompassing the systematic studies of the structure and behaviors of the physical and neutural body.

No. They are different categories of science. Physical sciences include Physics, (experimental, theoretical, particle physics etc). Life sciences include the Biology studies (plant, animal, molecular, genetics etc). Isn`t physical science is a life science since the building blocks of life science based on physical equations?

Life science is the study of the origin, life and death of an organism eg. an insect Earth science is the study of solids, gases, liquids such as sedimentary rock. Physical science studies non-living systems such as nuclear chemistry.

Two careers that utilize physical science is that of an Athletic Nutritionist or a Personal Trainer. A Physical Trainer assesses an individuals physical fitness and works to help them improve at it. A nutritionist studies physical science as a way to keep a individual healthy through proper and tailored nutrition.

No, a paleontologist studies physical science. Life science is the study of all living things. Physical science is the study of all non-living matter. A paleontologist gathers knowledge about the history of the earth and using fossils.

The study of matter (solids, liquids, and gasses) falls under the category of physical science.

The study of societies, both past and present is a separate and distinct area of science. The best answer to this question is that Anthropology is the science that studies societies, their physical characteristics, their origins and their environment.

Physical Science.... Physics- Root: Physical Physics- Branch of science PHYSICAL SCIENCE

A person having expert knowledge in one or more sciences, especially a natural or physical science, or a person who studies or practises a science

The science of food is called Bromatology. Bromatology studies the chemical, physical and biological factors in food substances that effect the environment.

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