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Who succeeded Bob Dole?

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Sheila Frahm succeeded Dole as the Senator from Kansas. Trent Lott succeeded him as Majority Leader.

2007-09-09 13:29:31
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Who followed bob dole as senator?

Republican Sheila Frahm succeeded Bob Dole as the Class 3 U. S. Senator from Kansas.

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Bob dole like your style bob dole,bob dole . Bob dole

Did Bob Dole and Elizabeth Dole divorce?

Bob or Robert the same people and Elizabeth Dole did NOT get a divorce.

When was Bob Dole born?

Bob Dole was born on July 22, 1923.

Is senator bob dole dead?

No Bob Dole is not yet dad he is 89 years old

Is senator bob dole related to James dole?


How old is Bob Dole?

Bob Dole is 93 years old (birthdate: July 22, 1923).

How many popular votes did Bob Dole get?

In 1996 Bob Dole received 39,198,755 popular votes.

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When did Elizabeth Dole get married?

Elizabeth Hanford married Bob Dole in 1972.

Was bob dole a Republican?


Who was senator after bob dole?


Does Elizabeth Dole have children?

Elizabeth Dole had no known birth children. She had a step daughter named Robin that she parented with Bob Dole.

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What is Bob Dole's birthday?

Bob Dole was born on July 22, 1923.

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Has Bob Dole died?

No, he's alive as of 2008.

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Who was majority leader after bob dole?

Trent Lott

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