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Leta G. Snook, later Leta Snook Southern, was her instructor, also an aviatrix ( woman pilot of aircraft) for some reason female balloonists are not considered aviatrixes.

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Emelia Earhart is a notable because she was the first women to fly over the Atlantic.

If Amelia really died in 1937 and had her first fly in 1921 than the answer would be 14 years.

Neta Snook taught her to fly when Amelia was 13 Amelia was 21 when she was taught by Anita Snook . -Somebody has not read the dates properly.

Emelia is a woman that change the world by letting the women know women can do what Men can do by flying across Atlantic Ocean.

Because it was small and bright yellow.

Amelia was taught to fly in 1920.

Netta Snook ,Anita Snook actually, taught Amelia Earhart how to fly.

Amelia Earhart's mother's name was Amelia "Amy" Otis Earhart.

She learned to fly at Kinner Field near Los Angeles, taught by a woman pilot called Anita Snooks.

Her father Mr.Steven T. Earhart

There were 16 women to fly across like Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart wanted to fly around the world

Amelia Earhart is intelligent by knowing how to fly a plane.

emilia Earhart experienced a panic of aviation being over 25,000 ft up in the air above the south pacific

Emelia May's birth name is Emelia May Thomas.

Another pioneer female aviator, Anita Snook, at Kinner Field near Long Beach,CA, in 1921

Amelia's flying lessons were 'staked' by her mother - she was taught to fly by Anita Snook at Kinner Field near LA

Amelia Earhart got into flying when she saw her first plane at the fair and when she was older, Neta Snook taught her to fly. Neta Snook was one of the first women to graduate from the Curtiss School of Aviation.

a female Flying Instructor named Neta Snook, later Neta Snook Southern, is generally given this honor. She only died in the l980"s and wrote a book entitled- ( what else) I Taught Amelia to Fly). she died in the San Francisco area.

Earhart believed. That she could fly around the whole world!

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic

Emelia Zuckerman is 5' 9".

Emelia Burns is 5' 5".

Amelia Earhart, of course.the first girl to fly across the pacific ocean was Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart trained years to become good enough to fly across oceans solo

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