Who testifies against you in court?

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A witness is the person that testifies in court.
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At what age can a child testify in court?

Laws vary from state to state. Generally, the judges decision rules on a case by case basis. To provide trustworthy evidence to courts, the legal system requires that all witnesses who testify in court must be competent. When the witness is a child, the judge or attorneys may question the child ( Full Answer )

Can a kid be forced to testify at a trial against his mom in court?

SURE if it is a criminal matter, in most states, then they can be compelled to testify in court, if a criminal action is brought against a 'mom' or parent, by the local prosecuting authority, as in disctrict attorneys and such....Now as a practical matter...when a 'significant' witness is a child an ( Full Answer )

Can a spouse testify against their spouse?

A spouse may not be forced to testify against their spouse in criminal proceedings. In divorce court, however, spouses typically tear each other to shreds, which can cause lasting psychological damage. That's why most divorces are now "no-fault" procedures, except in cases where large amounts of m ( Full Answer )

Which amendment says you cant testify against yourself in court because of?

There is NO amendment that says you CANNOT testify against yourself. There is an amendment that says that you cannot be FORCED to testify against yourself. A BIG difference! The 5th Amendment to the US Constitution protects you against self incrimination unless you WILLINGLY waive that right.

What amendment states that you can't be forced to testify against yourself in a court of law?

The 5th Amendment to the US Constitution says that you cannot beFORCED to testify against yourself. The 5th Amendment: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwiseinfamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a GrandJury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forc ( Full Answer )

What is it to testify against oneself?

Self-incrimination can be voluntary or coerced. It may occur prior to trial, or on the stand. If the defendant is called to testify on his behalf, he may choose to admit guilt. In this manner, the accused could testify against himself. Although not generally recommended, one positive potential outco ( Full Answer )

What if defendant does not want to testify in a court case?

WHAT court case does he not want to testify in - his own? He has that right if he wishes to exercise it. If you are referring to some other case in which he may not want to testify - the court has the power to compel his attendance and be called as a witness. If he takes the stand and refuses to ans ( Full Answer )

What did Adam's dad in I am the Cheese testify against?

The dad discovered a connection between organized crime and govt. officials, he testified before congress, was threatened and had his son and his wife renamed and relocated, along with himself

If you are subpoena'd to court do you have to testify?

If you are subpoena'd to court you MUST obey the subpoena and go to court. Whether or not you wish to testify is another entirely different matter that can be addressed once you get there and make your decision.

How do Muslims swear to testify in court?

They swear to tell the truth and only the truth. In the Islamiccourts Muslims prefer to swear on the Qur'an because they are awarethat there is no greater a judge than Allah Almighty Himself Who isforever watching over us and we are solely and entirely answerableto Him.

Who cannot testify against a defendant?

In most states, the spouse. There are also certain professional or social relationships that are regarded as privileged... for example, attorney-client, doctor-patient, or priest-parishoner communications may be exempt from subpoena. Note that this does not mean that the person in question cannot ( Full Answer )

Can you get out of testifying in court?

You cannot get out of testifying in court just because you don'twant to do it. If you feel unsafe about it, you can talk to thejudge about it.

Must I testify against an ex-spouse?

Yes, the marital exemption no longer applies. However, if it would tend to incriminate YOU, you may refuse to testify under the 5th Amendment (self incrimination clause) of the Constitution.

Why don't courts and lawyers want people to testify against themselves?

There are differences between using the words can, do, don't,prevent, prohibit, etc. A person CAN testify him / her- self. The State (the police; the prosecutor; the Judge; the Jury) CANNOTexpect or force a person to testify against him / her- self. It is called self-incrimination to testify again ( Full Answer )

Who can testify in court in the US?

Anyone who it has been determined has relevant information to offer to either the prosecution or the defense. .

If a person gets summoned to testify against a relative do they have to testify?

Yes, It is vital that the court gets the correct information to solve the case otherwise the outcome could be wrong. Even if it means testifying against someone you love. If the Relative is your spouse you do not have to testify against them, In the law of the United States, the spousal privil ( Full Answer )

Can a person testify against himself in concubinage?

Concubinage is the relationship between persons who are cohabiting without the benefit of marriage. It is an archaic term. Concubineage was used in ancient Rome (and through the early middle ages) when a man co-habitated with a woman who did not have the social status required for marriage. In Rome, ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to testify in court?

The legal "age of reason or understanding" is generally set at 7 years of age. However it would probably have to be an extraordinary case for a judge to allow someone of a young age to testify. It is not unusual for minors to be excluded from the courtroom, even as spectators, until they are at le ( Full Answer )

Do you have to testify against a family member if I have been summoned as a witness in court?

Yes. They will treat you as a "hostile witness" and continue with the questioning. You cannot get out of it because you dont want to testify. Anyone can refuse to testify in court by pleading that by doing so they believe they may incriminate themselves along with the defendant. The 5th amendment ( Full Answer )

Can a spouse be forced to testify against there spouse in family court?

Family Court is a whole different venue from Criminal Court. In Criminal Court your testimony, if allowed, COULD possibly lead to conviction of your spouse of a criminal offense resulting in incrustation or fines. On the other hand, Family Court is a Civil Court proceeding. The two of you wouldn't e ( Full Answer )

Can you testify in superior court if not subpoena'd?

No, not unless you are subpoeana'd by one side or the other. A person can voluntarily testify without being subpoenaed as long as one party or another calls the person as a witness. Expert witnesses are hired to testify in court; therefore they also testify without being subpoenaed.

You have to testify in court what are your rights?

You can't be compelled to give evidence that would incriminate you. For instance, if you were asked if you had stolen something, you could refuse to answer if you had. Refusing to answer and lying about it are very different things. You have a right not to admit you stole something, but if you stole ( Full Answer )

What are your rights when testify in court?

You have the right to not divulge anything self incriminating , or that would lead to your own prosecution. Beyond that, the only rights a witness receives are legal protection from job loss (due to missed work, because of the trial), a separate waiting area, away from the person they are testifying ( Full Answer )

Can a kid testify against their mom in court in a custody battle and what are good ways to testify for that?

In a custody hearing, witnesses don't testify "against" anybody. It may depend on the child's age as to whether the judge will even hear their input or not, and HE will ask the question to which he wishes you to respond. The judge is only concerned that the parent that gets primary custody is the pa ( Full Answer )

Can an overstaying tourist testify in court?

Yes, if subpoenaed to do so, you may testify. HOWEVER, as an admitted lawbreaker your testimony is going to be challenged, AND you are opening yourself up to the deportation process of the immigration and visa laws.

Can a minor testify in small claims court?

Yes. Anyone can testify in court of any kind if they have knowledge of relevant facts and have some way to communicate to the trier of facts (either the judge or the jury). A minor can testify, so long as they know what it means to tell the truth.

What is it to testify against ones self?

Basically you would be a witness to a criminal action that you committed. Invoking 5th amendment rights would be wise as testifying against yourself would be self incrimination.

Does a person have to testify against themselves in court?

Not In the United States of America. Its in the fifth amendement of the constitution . No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when i ( Full Answer )

Does a child have to testify against their mother?

a child is required to testify if they are called to court. A jusband and wife do not have to testify against each other, but there is no corresponding legal prohibition against childrem doing so. Most of the time MINOR children are not placed on the stand

Can a divorced wife testify against her husband?

Yes, she can. The marital confidences privilege (or marital communications privilege ) is a form of privileged communication protecting the contents of confidential communications between a married couple. This privilege applies in civil and criminal cases. When applied, a court may not compel ( Full Answer )

Can a convicted felon be subpoena to testify in court?

Anyone, including convicted felons, can be subpoenaed to testify in court and can actually testify in court. Convicted felons often testify in court. By cooperating, they may obtain better treatment or even a reduced sentence. The fact of their conviction, however, may reduce their credibility in th ( Full Answer )

Who testified against Jeffrey Dahmer?

Two men and a teenager who were drugged by Jeffrey Dahmer and livedto tell about it. The three, two of whom were minors at the time,were the opening witnesses.

Under what circumstances does one have to testify in court?

The circumstances under which one would have to testify in court will vary according to the jurisdiction. In the English courts a witness needs to be cross examined, so that if their testimony is key to the case, they can be subpoenaed. This compels them to attend court and testify.