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John Smith took control of Jamestown in 1608

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The person who took command of the Jamestown colony in 1608 was?

John Smith.

The name of the person who gained control of Jamestown in 1608?

im pretty sure it was john smith

Who took control of Jamestown?

John Smith!

In 1608 who emerged as a leader in Jamestown?

John Smith

Who was elected the president of Jamestown in 1608?

John smith

Who elected president of jamestown in 1608?

john smith

When did Jamestown elect representatives?

james town elected representitives in 1608

When lord de la warr took control of Jamestown in 1610 he?

E. imposed a harsh military regime on the colony of Jamestown.

Were did the polish settle in the US?

First Polish settlers came to Jamestown in 1608.

When did the Polish people come to America?

1608, Polish craftsmen came to Jamestown.

What happened on January 7 1608?

fire destroys houses in jamestown. i think.

Who took control of the colony in 1608?

well it was the man who married pochahauntus because after john smith got hurt he had to take over

Who were the first Poland people to come to the US?

Polish craftsmen arrived in Jamestown in 1608.

What did lord de la warr do when he took control of Jamestown?

dropped atom bombs full of poo in it

When did the colonial period in America begin?

In 1608, when Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement was established.

When Lord De La Warr took control of Jamestown in 1610 what did he do?

imposed a harsh military regime on the colony

When was Anne Burras born?

Most people don't know when she wa sborn. She was 14 when she arrived in Jamestown in 1608 so subtract 14 from 1608 and you get 1594 so she was born in 1594.

In 1608 when the ship arrived where with supplies only 38 of the original 144 settlers were still alive?

Jamestown. Hope I helped(:

Who took over the new England colony in 1608?

John Smith (explorer)

Did John Smith try to start the Roanoke Colony?

No. Roanoke was settled in the 1580's 110 ten miles south of Jamestown where Smith became the second governor of Jamestown in 1608. He had nothing to do with Roanoke.

Why did the colonists in Jamestown fight the powhatans?

because the powhatans took land from the jamestown.. i think

How many of the 105 original colonist to settle at Jamestown va in 1607 were females?

The first female settlers we have record of arrived at Jamestown colony on October 1st, 1608. Their names were Mistress Forrest and Anne Burras.

How many gentlemen arrived at Jamestown in the first supply?

47 from the original settlers in may 1607 and 28 in the 1st resupply in January 1608

Popham Plantation took place in 1670-1608 in what is today this northern state?


Who reorganized the Jamestown settlement in 1607?

No one. Jamestown was founded in 1607 and was reorganized by John Smith in 1608. Well, less reorganized than increased the discipline of the colonists so that they'd actually work to keep themselves from failing.