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Hitler was not turned in to the Allies, instead he killed his wife and himself.

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Why Germans turned to Adolph Hitler?

The Germans flocked to Hitler because they were in an economic slowdown and desperatley needed jobs. Hitler promised jobs.

How old was Adolf Hitler in 1940?

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria. Hitler turned 51 in 1940. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party.

What ruler turned against violent ways?

Adolf Hitler.

Did chamberlain meet with Hitler in 1938?

Yes. He met Hitler in Munich and came away with his 'peace in our time' agreement which was intended to appease Hitler but turned out to be worthless.

Hitler signed a nonaggression pact in 1939 with?

Russia, but then turned on them in 1941.

Why did Hitler start the holocast?

Hitler started the holocaust because he is a crazy leader with a vicious vision that turned out to be a nightmare that lasted for ages.

How did Hitler get his Project?

what happened when the goldfish got bankrupted he turned into a bronze fish.

Why was it shocking that Hitler turned on the Soviet Union?

It wasnt, Stalin thought it was though

Why didn't the Germans stop Hitler?

The Germans were just as afraid of Hitler as the Jews. ____ Many Germans saw nothing to object to. Hitler was popular, until the war turned against Germany.

Why did Hitler turn on Joseph Stalin?

They were actually allies invading Poland. Hitler turned on Stalin simply because he wanted to take out USSR.

What was Hitler like as a kid?

Hitler was always a bad person, no matter what you hear. He used to like to be with kids, until he turned 18. It was that year that Hitler got the idea to take over the world

Did Hitler believe you should work with the Communists?

During his time of power, Hitler worked alongside the Communists. Benito Mussolini was one of Hitler's allies. When Italy turned on Mussolini, Hitler rescued him.

What made Germans turn to the side of Nazis?

The Germans turned to the Nazis only because Hitler was a Nazi and Hitler was a good speaker and became furher

Why did Hitler turn on Stalin and move towards Leningrad and Stalingrad?

hitler turned on stalin to get more power during the war, with made stalin an allie.

Did Hitler do well for Germany?

Hitler did well for Germany in the beginning, then he turned into a megalomaniac and wanted the whole of Europe and to make Germans all 'perfect citizens'

Hitler turned the press radio literature painting and film into tools of what?

Tools of propoganda.

Was Adolph Hitler voted into leadership?

No Hitler was not voted into leadership. He came to power when President Paul van Hindenburg died. Then Hitler was telling Germany that he was going to help them and so then they made him president. Unfortunately he turned on them.

Why did Chamberlain fail to prepare his country for war?

He met with Hitler and he believed some promises that Hitler made in writing. He returned to England euphoric, thinking that he brokered lasting peace, and was lulled into complacency. As it turned out, Hitler lied.

Was Hitler born a sinner?

No. he was dreamer who dreamed to be ruler and to achieve his goal he turned sinner in his own way

What were the main hardships for Hitler?

he was suicidal and he was unhappy that he got turned down by a polish school by a Jewish principal

Why did Hitler want Jews dead?

Because Hitler wanted all the people to be the same tipe. All the disabled people were killed Evan if the had a broken arm that soon would heal they would die. Turned out Hitler had some Jewish blood in him.

What profession did the academy of fine arts suggest for Hitler?

It was not for them to suggest anything, they just turned down his entrance application.

What skill did Adolph Hitler have?

Hitler wanted to become an artist and he did paint some beautiful pictures, you should look them up. Unfortunately he was turned down by the Vienna academy of art ... He missed his calling...

How did Hitler influence Hitler youth?

He brainwashed them thinking that The US and their allies were evil, when a boy turned 16 they became a Nazi. Hitler made the youth to believe he could make all his or her dreams come true, he would say to them "Do not forget that you will someday rule the world." thats what really inspired the Hitler Youth.

Hiltler wanted to be and art student?

Yes, this is true. Adolf Hitler applied to be an Art Student in Austria, but was turned down.

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