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the romans first

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Q: Who used the Roman numeral system?
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When was the roman numeral system first used?

The Roman numeral system was first used by the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.

What is the value of Roman numeral is E?

E is not used as a symbol in the roman numeral system.

What was the roman numeral system used for?


Which numbering system should not used zero?

The Roman numeral system

What is the roman numerals for LOVE?

The word LOVE does not form a valid Roman numeral. The letters O and E are used in the Roman numeral system.

What is the Roman numerals for zero?

there is no roman numeral for itAnother answer: The Romans had no numeral to represent zero because there was no need for a zero in their system. We have 9 numbers plus the zero symbol. We add a zero on to the end of a number to convert it to tens and two zeros to convert it to hundreds and so on. The Romans simply had different symbols for tens and hundreds. For example we would write 1, 10, 20, 40, 50, 100 and 200 but the same numbers as Roman numerals would be I, X, XX, XL, L, C and CC, done quite simply with no need for a zero. In the middle ages monks, who still used Roman numerals and wrote in Latin, began to used the symbol N to represent zero (from the Latin Nullae meaning nothing).

Is A a Roman numeral?

The Roman numeral system does not use the letter A.

What is the equivalent of roman numerals F?

F is not used as a symbol in roman numeral system

What do the Roman numeral symbolized?

Roman Numerals were the numbering system used by the ancient Romans. It is what they used to count with.

What is the opposite of a roman numeral?

That would be an Arabic numeral. A Roman numeral is the type of numbering system used in the Roman Empire. V is the numeral five, X is ten. In Arabic numerals, five is 5, ten is 10.

Who used the Roman number system?

The Roman numeral system is used in the Latin language which is still spoken today in the Vatican

In which of the four numeric system is place value not used?

Place value is not used in the Roman numeral system.