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Tradespeople and servants traditionally received presents, money, and sometimes food from their bosses on Boxing Day.

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Q: Who used to receive preasents on Boxing Day?
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Is boxing day a day to take boxes out of the house?

No, it is actually a day when people would receive presents. The presents were in boxes, giving boxing day its name.

Is Boxing Day a fight day or a moving day?

Boxing Day is the day right after Christmas Day in many countries. On this day, workers receive gifts from their employers. This is neither a fight day or a moving day, the term "boxing" has a unknown origin.

What other name is used as boxing day?

St Stephens Day

What is the mound builder myth?

there was a green peice of hair, In my day this was an honor to be in the preasents of that one person.It ment roalty in the making.

Why is the Boxing Day tsunmia called the Boxing Day tsunmia?

Because it occurred on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

What was the original purpose of boxing day?

Boxing Day, is celebrated the day after Christmas. In the Middle ages, it was a day when the wealthy boxed up items for the needy. Traditionally, it was a day when tradesmen and servants would receive gifts from their employees. Today, the holiday is a bank holiday that is primarily celebrated by shopping.

What is madagascar's Boxing Day?

it is a day to celebrate boxing

What day do you celebrate Boxing Day on?

you celebrate boxing day on December 26

Which day is boxing day celebrated on?

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26.

Has Boxing Day got a song?

No, Boxing Day does not have an official song.

Does the postman come on Boxing Day?

There is no postal service on Boxing Day.

Is boxing day sale on the 26th in Halifax nova scotia?

No. The 26th (Boxing Day) is a Provincial holiday. Stores are not open. Boxing Day (or Boxing Week) sales are held on the following day(s).