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Israel, the Jewish people.

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Q: Who uses a shekel?
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What country uses shekel?


Is the old shekel used today in Israel?

No. Israel uses the New Israeli Shekel. The old Israeli Shekel was replaced by the New Israeli Shekel on 1/1/1985.

Which country uses the shekel as currency?

Israel. The currency's full name is the Israeli New Shekel.

What country uses the shekel?

Modern Israel

What country uses shekel for their currency?


Who uses the Israeli shekel?

Residents of Israel. It is the official currency in Israel.

How much does a pack of cigarettes cost in Israel?

Current cigarette prices in Palestine Marlboro:20 shekel Noblesse:16 shekel Winston:15 shekel L&M:15 shekel Welcome:13.5 shekel Camel:21 shekel Davidoff:20 shekel Galouase:15 shekel Black Devil:35 shekel

Is pounds or shekel the highest currency?


How much does one shekel weigh?

Shekel is an ancient unit of weight. If we are to convert shekel in todays weight unit, one shekel will be equal to 0.497 ounces.

Value of a shekel in 1500 bc?

A shekel is the basic Hebrew unit of weight and money. A shekel equals 11.4 g. 50 Shekels equaled on mina. In modern terms, a shekel of silver equals $2.20. A shekel of gold equals $128.45.

What is one hundredth of a shekel?

Agora One hundredth of a shekel is AGORA

How much did a Biblical Shekel weigh?

A Biblical Shekel was about half an ounce.

How much was a shekel in Hebrew 200 yrs ago?

200 years ago, there was no shekel. The Israeli shekel was introduced 24 February 1980.The Ancient shekel disappeared from use around the 2nd century.

How much is a Shekel?

A shekel is an ancient coin that was used both for money and as a weight for exchanges. The weight of one shekel was 180 grains of barley.

How much is a Shekel in money?

The "New Shekel" (ILS) is the currency of Israel. 1 New Shekel is equivalent to about £0.16 GBP or $0.26 USD.

What is the value of a shekel in dollars?

1 Israeli shekel = 0.264061 U.S. dollars

When was Yossi Shekel born?

Yossi Shekel was born on 1984-09-24.

When was Israeli new shekel created?

Israeli new shekel was created in 1986.

When did Old Israeli shekel end?

Old Israeli shekel ended in 1985.

When was Old Israeli shekel created?

Old Israeli shekel was created in 1980.

What is a shekel of silver in Mesopotamian equivalent too?

180 barley grains/ per shekel

What is the weight of a shekel?

This shekel was about 180 grains (11 grams or .35 troy ounces).

How much is a shekel of silver in dollars?

1.00 Israeli Shekel = 0.2786 U.S. Dollar

What is the name of the currency in israel?

Shekel (the New Israeli Shekel, abbreviated ILS or NIS).

What is the currency of Israel?

The Israeli currency is the Sheqel or Shekel (שקל) and the symbol is ₪ The plural is Shkalim. 100 Agorot = 1 Shekel (Singluar Agorah). New Israel Shekel (NIS). The New Israeli Shekel has been in circulation since 1986 when it replaced the Old Shekel. The New Israeli Shekel is the official currency, although it is referred to as the Shekel. In banking and finance you will often see the abbreviation ILS, although NIS is used commonly too. At the beginning of April, 2011, it traded at the rate of US$1.00 = NIS 3.473 . the (transliterated) shekel, a year and a half ago it was worth about 1/4 of a US dollar.