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Dr. Manette and Lucie Manette Darnay

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Lucie Manette and Mr. Charles Darnay visited Jarvis Lorry in his Paris apartment. They came to seek his help and advice during a tumultuous time in the city.

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Q: Who visited Jarvis Lorry in his Paris apartment?
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What main character travels to Paris with jarvis lorry?

The main character who travels to Paris with Jarvis Lorry is Charles Darnay in the novel "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens. They travel to Paris to intervene on behalf of Charles Darnay who is imprisoned during the French Revolution.

In which area did Mr. Lorry work?

Mr. Lorry worked in the banking industry. He was a senior official at Tellson's Bank in Charles Dickens' novel "A Tale of Two Cities."

Where does monsieur defarge take mrjarvis lorry and miss manette?

Monsieur Defarge takes Mr. Jarvis Lorry and Miss Manette to a wine shop in Paris called "La Guillotine" that serves as a meeting place for the revolutionaries planning the French Revolution.

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they burned Dr. Manette's shoemaker's bench and buried the tools in the garden

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